IN THE SHADOWS Top Honors & Features | Chosen by Facebook Guest lisa kathan photography


Wow, wow, wow! I’m sure guest judging is always difficult, but you guys blew me away with your {IN THE SHADOWS} images. So instead of five featured images this week, we have SIX, plus a Top Honors winner!

It’s been so great getting to learn about some of you this week, through your comments and photos. And thank you to Dear Photographer, for asking me – Lisa at lisa kathan photography – to post some thoughts this week about my own photography and creative process!


Treelines Photography
I love the story in this image: two little lions, taking over the forest. I especially appreciate that the photographer shot them from behind. Absolutely precious!


Rose Amelia Photos
Such a beautiful faceless portrait from Rose. If you’re familiar with her work, Rose is a master at shadowy portraiture. Love the beautiful tones in this one!


Earth Angels Photography
I mentioned this week that I love a banality in art, but this one goes a step beyond with a shadowy woman in the image. This particular image was part of a larger project by the photographer, a tribute to Francesca Woodman (you can check out the collection on her timeline).


Kristin Kelley Photography
Who doesn’t love good freelensed image?! This one has beautiful light, shadow, tones, flare…all with a tinge of sadness.


My Artistic Journey
This faceless, shadowy portrait leaves so much unsaid, and yet it says so much.


Bree Friesen Photography
A great silhouetted image, with movement and beautiful rim light. The subject is even falling backwards. I’m pretty sure this wasn’t easy to capture with proper exposure, and I love that!



Precious Moments by Mina Mimbu
I gasped audibly when I saw this image. There’s so much about it I love, technically speaking: composition, exposure, the right amount of detail in the shadows and highlights. And as for emotion, I love the magical feel and story. Congratulations!

10 Facts with Facebook Guest Judge 9/26-10/2 | Pretty Pixels Photography


Hi there, My name is Jennifer Franzin. Jenn to anyone that knows me. I am the face behind Pretty Pixels Photography.  I am a mother to three ‘busy bees’, photographer & artist, lover of the natural world, adventurer, explorer, dreamer and chai drinking junkie.

Since I was a child, I have always loved taking pictures, as I grew I became fascinated by photography and it’s endless possibilities. For me, there is no greater joy than being able to capture a moment in time and share it with the world. I truly have two main passions, first – my children and second – photography. My love for both of these passions is truly insurmountable. I live for, the real, the raw, the beautiful heart wrenching moments, seeking out the beauty that others too often miss. Every time I pick up my camera, I see something new, learn, grow my abilities and yet each time it is as though I am seeing things for the first time.

The camera is a part of who I am, photography a part of my soul, my being. To know me is to know my passion. I truly cannot wait to see where this adventure will carry me next.  


10 Fun Facts about Me:

  1. All I ever wanted in my life was to be a Momma.
  2. I am extremely introverted. Yet no one seems to agree with me. I believe they call it an ‘Extroverted Introvert.
  3. I am the queen of ‘colloquialisms’.
  4. I am happiest in the forest.
  5. I love to read almost as much as I love taking pictures.
  6. I struggle taking on clients and never feel quite good enough.
  7. I collect toques, mittens and scarves in a wide variety of styles, knits and colours.
  8. I am one of the founders of the photography community By He{Art}.
  9. I love to swim and could float along in the water for hours at a time.
  10. I crank the music and dance while I prepare meals.


I chose  this weeks theme to take it in a direction that is near and dear to my heart. I am a huge lover of literature and often select poems, quotes and parts of stories to accompany my work. For me, the words will often speak to my heart just as much as an image does. The inspiration of the words will often lead me to go out and shoot for it.


Who Do I Choose? featuring Momma Got Soul Photography



It’s that time of year again, fall family photos. It’s like tax time to an accountant. It’s the photographers busy season. For photographers it mean lots of late nights, extra coffee and the feeling of not being able to get it all done.

This year I embarked on a new journey in my business. Well it’s not really new, not even really new to me, but it is something that I had kinda gotten away from and found myself gravitating back too. You see I am a documentary photographer at heart and while I love a good portrait, I love a good story even better. I love a picture that tells a story. One that you know exactly the feeling when you see it or it strikes a memory for you and makes you feel something. This is the photography I want to take. I love a pretty picture of a gorgeous family in a field on a couch as much as the next person. I have images of my own family like that hanging on my wall, but the images that really mean something to me that I will cherish to show my grandkids, show off my beautiful, chaotic life so much more than that.


So how do you know if hiring a documentary photographer might be right for you?

How do you pick the right photographer that will exceed your expectations and tell your story how you want it to be told?

Well, some good places to start is by looking at their portfolio. Do their images speak to you? Do they make you feel something? Do you look at them and think, wow I want images like that? Do they fit in your budget? Remember that cheaper doesn’t always mean better, but we all have a budget to work within. Do you want digital images only to put on your computer, prints to hang on your walls or an album to pass along to future generations? What about a keepsake box with loose prints? Maybe you want both? Does your photographer blog their session so you can share that with friends and family? These are all good things to keep in mind.


So what about documentary photography versus portrait photography? Well here’s a fun little quiz that might help point you in the direction you are looking for!

Want to know more about documentary photography? Check out my  June Monthly Contribution here at Dear Photographer  or come check me out at Momma Got Soul Photography . Feel free to check out my facebook and instagram too!


Dear Photographer featuring Kyla Ewert Photography


dear photographer1


Dear Kyla,
You saw the images in your head, but didn’t know how to use a camera. With a bit of determination to capture what you saw, you set your camera on manual. With the birth of your first child, 6 years ago, you haven’t looked back. It took you a handful of years to really get to the art you wanted to create, and to stop trying to make what you thought others wanted to see. Little by little, you recognized that it is the heart of the image that shines through, and that you are the only one who can judge what your heart sees.

Stay true to you, remember to capture moments that represent love, life, and moments dear to you. Remember to create for yourself, remember there is always room for growth, remember that glimpses of your heart can bring back feelings for a lifetime. Never quit challenging yourself and trying something new.

dear photographer5dear photographer8dear photographer7dear photographer2dear photographer6dear photographer4dear photographer3

About the photographer:

Proud wife to Tyler, Blessed mama to Atticus, Sullivan and Pepper. I spend my days trying to take in their smallness, calling my sisters and mom when I’m frustrated, praying I’m better tomorrow, regretting eating too many sweets, and surprised everyday at 4pm that I still have to make dinner. I love a good wheat ale beer, entertaining in our home ( thank goodness my husband cooks) and chasing sunsets in my minivan full of kids and camera bag. When I’m not taking pictures, I’m charging my camera’s battery and making the most of these long days and short years. I love what I do , and Am truly honored that you would choose me to capture some of life’s sweetest and fleeting moments.


BE INSPIRED Session featuring Megan Fuss Photography

Is this personal work or client work ?
This is a newborn session for a client.  However, this session is special because Tiffany and I were in middle school together and have been friends for years.  Being able to photograph the milestones in my friends’ lives is amazing.
What about this session was most memorable?
Adding a new baby to a family is always such an amazing moment to be apart of, but especially when there is a sibling involved.  Emrys was so sweet with Silas, who she affectionately kept calling “baby bro”.  She kept wanting to hold him, kiss him, rub her face against his – under mom & dad’s watchful eyes of course!
Where there any hurdles?
There is always the hurdle of finding light in my client’s home.  Fortunately, their house had lots of window light and lifting my ISO a bit made for amazing pictures.
Your best photographer/session advice?
Practice shooting what you love.  I will ask people to shoot them if they inspire me – and it always pays off.  Seeing my vision and what I wanted to create to come life is the best feeling in the world.
What gear was used to achieve these?
Camera : Nikon D610
Lenses :  Nikkor 50mm 1.8 and a Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art lenses.
2016-06-24 Silas 01183 2016-06-24 Silas 01239 2016-06-24 Silas 00257 2016-06-24 Silas 00387 2016-06-24 Silas 00455 2016-06-24 Silas 00542 2016-06-24 Silas 00659 2016-06-24 Silas 00700 2016-06-24 Silas 00794 2016-06-24 Silas 00809 2016-06-24 Silas 00881 2016-06-24 Silas 00885 2016-06-24 Silas 01042 2016-06-24 Silas 01131
About the photographer:
Hi there!  My name is Megan Fuss, a lifestyle photographer based in western Massachusetts.  Over the past few years, my love of photography has grown from just a hobby into a business specializing in lifestyle/documentary photography – specifically newborns, families and seniors.  In my free time, you will find me catching a little indie concert in a local college town, grabbing a latte with friends in a cafe or scouring bookstores and libraries for new stories to sink my mind into!

REDEFINE | PROPOSAL PHOTOGRAPHY featuring Olive Light Images


“There is only one sun. We can’t all claim to only have one way to use the light, but we can REDEFINE how we choose to express it.”

Why are you passionate about proposals?

I enjoy documenting life’s biggest and most intimate moments. Between capturing gorgeous newborns and growing families, there’s nothing like documenting a couple’s history than right at the beginning. Receiving an inquiry from someone about to propose to their life partner is so exciting! I love hearing their story of how they got together, details of their first date, what their favorite things are of this special person and how they plan to propose. The best part is I get to capture this moment in their history to share with generations to come…what a humbling position for me to be in.

When did you first realize you liked photographing proposals?

It all started with this particular photo session in this post. He contacted me looking for a photographer who knew the area well and available on short notice. While most photographers like to have sessions scheduled in advance, including me, I couldn’t resist saying yes to someone who actually thought of having this moment captured. After listening to their story and his plans, we made it happen. It was that moment and during their photo session that I was hooked!

What are the tips you would share with anyone trying to get into photographing proposals?

With that excitement, there were definitely some things to consider.  First, was a matter of putting it out there so people knew it was an important event to capture. Most clients inquiring about proposal photography think of it last minute because they may not know such a thing exists, so talking and posting about it often can make it a “normal” event to photograph.

Second was considering my own availability. Would I be able to accommodate a last minute request?  Since potential clients would be thinking of such a thing last minute, I would have to be available within the next few days or so, which is different when planning for any other type of photography.  You definitely have to be much more flexible in your scheduling.

A few other things to think about is your equipment and how to photograph the proposal without being discovered. This takes a lot of communication with your client and if he’s like my husband, you may not get every detail you need. Remember to ask a lot of questions! In fact, during this photo session there was a family session happening on the same beach. The photographer didn’t know the groom had me to cover his proposal when she felt the need to snap some images for them. After I captured the actual proposal, I made my way down and let the bride know I photographed the whole thing. Lucky for them, they got some images from me and some close-ups from the other photographer. Since I was a bit further away, having a long lens (70-200mm) was a necessity!

Lastly, this is a great place to start if you want to get into photographing weddings. You can think about marketing it alongside grooms ready to buy a ring or offering it to couples on vacation together. However you get there, I highly recommend getting the word out and images published so potential clients can have it on their list of must-haves for the perfect proposal.

Olive Light Images-001Olive Light Images-002Olive Light Images-003Olive Light Images-004Olive Light Images-005Olive Light Images-006Olive Light Images-007Olive Light Images-008Olive Light Images-009Olive Light Images-010



About the photographer:

My name is Maria Oliva-McKeen of Olive Light Images and I am a Southern California-based photographer offering Elope and Intimate Wedding, Proposal, Maternity and Family Photography. I am also a fashion, food, and travel loving Christ Follower, FF Wife and Mama of 2.

Website. FacebookInstagram. Twitter.

Irrepressible Top Honors & Features | Chosen by Facebook Guest Judge Roots and Twigs Photography


Cue the broken record! Judging all of your fun, {IRREPRESSIBLE} images this week was HARD. One of the best parts for me was discovering so many new, wonderful talents, several of whom are featured here. Thank you so much for inviting me here to guest judge for the first time, Dear Photographer!


Becci Ravera
In addition to all of his dinosaur action, I adore how he’s about to bust out laughing, mid-roar!



Lauren Webster Photography
I love her posture and the light. I equally love the glove! Why does she have it? What is she considering getting into?



Precious Moments by Mina Mimbu
Sheer, irrepressible joy and beautiful bokeh here!


Ashley Mckelvey Photography And Design
That light and his brilliant happiness are beautiful!



Cheyenne Rose Photography
Beautiful light and silhouette of great action!



Sharon Miller Photography
I can’t help but knowingly smile and laugh every time I see this image. It is just so relatable and fun, with great action! To top if off, I LOVE that “WAITING” title on the book beyond. There will be no waiting here! Congratulations!