BE INSPIRED Session featuring Antonyette Jones

BE INSPIRED Session featuring Antonyette Jones


Tell us a bit about your approach to the work you do, your time in the business and a few personal facts about you.

I have always been so captivated by photography even as a little girl flipping through family photo albums was one of my favorite pastimes. The ability to capture a moment that could bring back memories and take you back in time was so intriguing to me. Anyways, becoming a photographer didn’t come easily, I worked retail and as a bartender when I finally about two years ago I decided to take a leap of faith and do what I love! Since then I have been growing myself as I grow as a love and lifestyle photographer. It took me a while to figure out just where I belonged because I love to create I wanted to shoot any and everything! Today I find myself shooting with mainly couples, I love to capture that pure authentic love! Looking back at when I was a little girl and thinking about how my love for photography started I know I am exactly where I need to be. Taking this leap of faith has been one of my greatest blessings yet! I am able to watch my couples grow and even capture their growing families! I know everyone says it but I really feel like I have the most rewarding job!

What about this session was most memorable?

The thing that stands out most about this session was the fact that it was so effortless. Of course, we had an idea in mind but we hardly did any posing. The shoot was full of laughing, dancing, and at some points running from what we thought sounded like rattlesnakes. I remember feeling so confident during the short that it would be a memorable one!

Were there any hurdles?

So, I know I mentioned the shoot was effortless, that being said we did face a few hurdles getting started. For one this was one of my first sunset sessions of the summer and it almost didn’t happen! Mainly because of the traffic we were so afraid the sun would go down before we could get started! The second hurdle was that we were right in the middle of a residential neighborhood. My clients wanted to embrace the SoCal scenery and I had passed by those hills every day on my way to work. I knew if I played with my angles we could capture the hills and mountains without the houses being a distraction!

Your best photographer/session advice?

It is so flattering being asked for advice since I am so often looking to gain advice, with that being said, my advice would be to never get too comfortable. Always look to learn and try new things! never be afraid to try new things and new places. Be creative because you never know who you will inspire! My best session advice is again to be creative, play music, and make your shoot an experience!

What gear was used to achieve these?

My 5D Mark iii, 50mm 1.4 lens, which is my go-to lens. That’s right, I like to get up close and personal!


4T3C11274T3C11614T3C11964T3C12244T3C12624T3C12754T3C12874T3C13124T3C1327 5.18.55 PM4T3C13584T3C14544T3C1493


I am 23, born in Northern California and raised in Southern California, but please don’t be afraid to have me travel! Ever since I can remember I have had a love for photography and telling stories through my art but only after spending time as a bartender and never having time for photography did I decide to take that leap of faith and pursue my dreams of becoming a photographer. By the way, I still can whip up a darn good margarita! In the past two years, God has blessed my journey in ways I never expected! Although photography is a huge part of my life, it is not the only part. I am super family oriented and outside of work, my family has become my favorite model! They are actually models in some of my favorite shots! When I am not behind the camera I am ALWAYS planning another adventure so you won’t find me without my planner. I love to travel and see new things and I am so excited to see where being a photographer will take me!

W E B S I T E | F A C E B O O K | I N S T A G R A M 

Dear Photographer | Feature by Naomi Ovando

Dear Photographer |  Feature by Naomi Ovando

Dear Younger Me,

The one in the midst of postpartum depression and anxiety, the one filled with so much fear and feelings of failure and weakness. You are so much stronger than you think and everything is going to be okay. It’s going to be more than okay, it’s going to be extraordinary. God is always faithful and always by your side.

Somewhere along the way, while a caring day in and day out for your beautiful babies, you forgot to take care of yourself and you let a part of yourself start to die. Take care of yourself beautiful mama. Listen to the whisperings of your heart. No one else can love your family the way you can and no one else sees the world the way you do. Creativity is a part of you and when you spend time creating, it brings you so much joy. It feeds and nourishes your soul.

Go ahead and buy yourself that DSLR you’ve been wanting. The minute you look through the viewfinder, something will come to life inside of you. You’re going to notice so much beauty all around you and you’re going to see how God is saying “I love you” over and over again through the beautiful sunsets, magnificent trees, delicate flowers, amazing skies, and especially through the blessing of your family. Taking photos, capturing beautiful moments and your children’s fleeting childhood will be like a salve to your soul and will fill your heart with gratitude and healing.

It’s going to take you a while to realize that you must continually nourish your creative soul and that it makes you a better and happier woman, but you’ll learn how important it is eventually. In 2017, you’re going to commit to taking better care of yourself and making time for your art.

You’re going to keep yourself accountable by starting a 365 project and by sharing what speaks to your heart. You’re going to be scared as all get out since you feel like you still have so much to learn, but you have been feeling the nudges to share your art, your heart, and your story.

Even though you still have much to learn about the technical side of photography and you may break many rules, you’re going to be brave. You’re going to shoot with your heart. Always stay true to your heart for it is what will bring you the most joy and fulfillment. Enjoy the journey and the learning process and don’t compare yourself to others for everyone is at a different point in their journey. You’re going to learn so much from so many that inspire you on this photography journey. You’re going to find an encouraging, supportive and inspiring community that is going to help bring out the best in you and help you grow as an artist. Most importantly, remember that you have your own story to tell and no one else can tell it the way you can. God made you to shine His light, so shine on beautiful one!





Naomi lives with her husband and three children in sunny Southern California.  She is a homeschooling mama and loves spending her days with her muses.  Going on outdoor adventures with her family and capturing storytelling images is one of her favorite things to do.  She can often be found in the nearby mountains or at the beach with camera in tow.  Her goal is to continue growing as an artist and to keep seeking out and capturing the beauty in the ordinary.

I N S T A G R A M 

Dear Nikon, #Womencan

Yes, We know! 

This is not just a Nikon issue. Across the board, with many of the other big photography companies, women are not being represented. Yes, we know. Basically, in most professional fields, women don’t have a position that warrants their voice to be heard.

This matters, we matter.

Nikon is currently celebrating 100 years of innovation, and you can be certain that women helped pave the way to that celebration. It can seem unfair to those not really understanding the issue that we would single out one company, but It has really been a catalyst to pay attention to this industry as a whole and demand more.

But why the post? 

Nikon Asia recently released a team of men, pictured below. To test their incredible new series of cameras, the Nikon D850. They were unable, however, to find one capable and talented woman to add to their roster. But why should we care when here in the USA they are surpassing by percentage of women inclusivity, between all of the other companies with 29%. We see that,  and it is still valid to want things to be more even at 50-50, because why not. Or perhaps, let women have the majority. Would that be so crazy?  and blow peoples minds. Perhaps.

Nikon MEA, if you happen to stumble upon this, let me share some amazing talent in your region MIDDLE EAST | ASIA 

image via 


More stats :

Sony –
50 Men
8 Women
14% Women, 86% Men

Canon –
32 Men
8 Women
20% Women, 80% Men

Nikon –…/nikon-ambassadors/
17 Men
7 Women
29% Women, 71% Men

Olympus –
10 Men
2 Women
20% Women, 80% Men

Hopefully, these numbers will change across the board.

We asked women of our Official Dear Photographer group to share their thoughts, and the gear they use to create their art.  Below are some of their images! Enjoy.



Danielle Hatcher | Nikon D750  “I shoot families, newborns, and children with my Nikon because #womencan. ” Ndaniellehatcher

Christina Davenport | The industry of landscape photography is much more male-saturated than the portraiture industry.  #womencan & #womendo


Eboni Rivera | Nikon D750  ” As a woman photographer, this cuts to the bone. To feel like a brand that you’ve supported throughout the years with your heard earned money doesn’t reciprocate the support- well that’s disheartening. “NeboniRivera

Jessica DeMers | Nikon D750 #womencan020nikon

Kristy Burell | Nikon D800 “Nikon I am a mama, wife, and a photographer. I can raise babies and run a successful business. #screwnikon #WOMANCAN 09nikonLori Pickens  | Nikon D5  #womencan nloripickens

Monika Colichio |Nikon D750  “Did I mention i switched from Canon? I kick ass with my persistence and passion. You will tell me I can’t I will prove you wrong!


Erin Peck |Nikon  D800 + D750 “all the way. I’ve supported Nikons for years, the least you could do is support women back. #WOMENCAN “0

Jenni Hecht |Nikon D3 “I don’t think they are as involved in the industry as they should be. To them photography is making cameras to make money. They don’t care about us. They care about their product and themselves. They grossly underestimated how this would effect (sp)our community and women in general.” n3.jpg

Brooke Mora | Nikon D3000 “embarrassed by my crop sensor” 07 nikonMeg Dowd | Nikon D600 #womencan 18nikon

Erika Vianey Avila Hernandez | Nikon D750  “#womencan, Literally.”21728802_10159367155765230_2994410864953445063_oKatie Simon | Nikon D90 “Yeah, I still shoot with my D90, almost ten years later…I love her…” nikon888Yaffa Koff | Nikon D750 #womencan 21728681_1483950948338394_2184879549184043451_oNicole Speer | I’m a woman who bought my Nikon D700, D800, and D810 ALL ON MY OWN! Crazy. I know!!!!! #screwnikon #womencannNicole speer

Lindsey Porter | Nikon D610  #womencan NlindseyPorter

Lynzi Berg |Nikon D750  ” And we multi task. Self-portrait of the birth of my fourth son. #womencan do freaking anything .”
nlindzibergMagda Cichoka | D5100

“Sometimes I think that men are scared of our strength. We can go through the deepest and hardest sh*t with a smile on a face and a child on a shoulder. Taking photos on a way..”023nikon

Anna Deacon | D750 ” Shame on you Nikon.”nikon3

Mandi Johnson | Nikon D610 ” I manage to be a stay-at-home working mom of 3 littles – 5, 3.5, & 2,  a wife to a hubby who travels for work, a double business owner. 1 of which is my photography business where I manage to squeeze in photo sessions in between the cracks of running a busy household. And because I know how to use this camera, I manage to capture newborns, families, children, park adventures, free-lensing at sunset at much much more all while being mom, wife, & business owner! #womencanNmandijohnsonJess Buttermore | Nikon D750 #womencan 024nikon

Alica Keiser | Nikon D750  “picked and not one women, shame on you Nikon Lets show Nikon just how bad ass women are! #womenCAN nAliciaKeiser

Leah Moore | Niko D750  “Sunrise with a warrior of five open heart surgeries.”nLeah Moore

Thais Mapstone | D750 -D810  “I’m so heartbroken over so many things, and then Nikon had to top it off and shit on my pie with their D850 misogyny. #WOMENCAN, Nikon.”


Margaret Albaugh | Nikon D750 021nikonTraci El | Nikon D300 #WomenCan ” we capture all the love” 034nikonJess Buttermore | Nikon D750  #womencan 08nikon

Christina Marie | Nikon D750 #womencan 008nikon

Lindsay Saunders | Nikon D750  “Discouraged, overlooked and tired of not being taken seriously. ” NlindseySaunders

Stormy Solis | Nikon 4s- 750 #womencan nStormysolis

Alicia Moss |Nikon  D750  #womencan 04nikonHeather Koepp | D750 #womencan nikon

Desra Ramey | Nikon D7000 #womencan 11nikon

Jasmine Pickens |Nikon D800 “Who rules the world ?! ….. women.”NJasminPickens

Joy Faith | Nikon D750 “empower our daughters to be bold, take risks, chase dreams, and have a voice.”02nikon

Justyna Nina |Nikon  D610 “Wouldn’t the world be a different place, if there wasn’t women to grow life, raise your children, teach you compassion and strength, grow your garden, hold your hand, and help you chase your dreams.”  #womencan 1nikon

Lauren Grayson | D750 21740932_2017661915135036_4965491088155973931_o.jpgJulie Godbolt |Nikon D750     #WomenCan “Shot by a woman (me) of another amazing woman photographer as a part of The Traveling Dress Collective project  ALSO the dress was handmade by another kickass woman photographer!”Njulieg

Eve Rashid | Nikon D750 “Last I checked I was fully capable… disappointing Nikon…  #womencan women shoot real emotions, connections, and memories, details of life… not just gorgeous landscapes but whatever “neve rashid

Alpana Aras | Nikon D700 Double exposure, still rocking the old beast and ready for an upgrade!n.jpg

Twyla Jones |Nikon D750 “We are better than this!”

01111.jpgDana Whitley | Nikon D7200 “Good thing I have some knowledge of what all those switches and buttons do…. #WOMENCAN” 21nikonClare Elizabeth |Nikon D600 ” As for me, I’ll raise my daughter to believe she breathes fire.” 01 nikonPetra Tomicova |Nikon D800 “Photos from recent family session “20nikon

Liz Degroff |Nikon D750- D7100   ” A handful of self-portraits I took with either  because I can be a mom, a wife, a homemaker, AND a badass photographer.” NlizdegroffSarah Kelley | Nikon D7100 #womencan nSarahKellyAlicia Thwaites | Nikon D610 #womencan 004nikonOlga Levien |Nikon D750  #womencan 06nikon

Karen Dyck |Nikon D750 #ofcoursewecan 00.jpg

Caroline Over | Nikon D750 “Here’s to strong women. May we know them, we may be them, may we raise them.”n4

Becky Maini| Nikon D750 #womencan ” I ‘ve used Nikon since the year I graduated as a dental surgeon 12 years ago. Currently, on my 3rd, a D750 as I launch my photography from a hobby to a business alongside saving teeth, raising twin toddlers and all the other stuff working mothers do. Hell yeah #womencan.”n025nikonKatie Rickard | Nikon D800E 7

Mindy Tingson | Nikon D5100 “Shortly after I started to take my photography more seriously, a friend posted a status on his Facebook begging “housewives of America” to “put the camera down”. And at first I took it personally. Then I realized it was just an invitation to not only show him but also show my daughters that #WOMENCAN take a beautiful, rad photo and cook a mean casserole at the same time if she wanted to. nMindyTingson

Elizabeth Blank | D700 I made this photograph while holding my breath in 8 feet of water as I metered through foggy goggles and changed my settings manually. #womencan D700 (through non-Nikon underwater housing).


Kristen Ryan |Nikon D810 ” #womencan capture the world around us” n.jpgKaren Osdieck | Nikon D750  #womencan nkaren osdieckAnita Perminova | Nikon D750  “I have always shot with a Nikon,”  #whatashocknaniteperminova

Niki Durcan | Nikon  D750 #Womencan


Sarah Wilson | Nikon D4 #womencan d4Alyssa Hollis | Nikon D800 #womencand800

Rachel Mcgowan | Nikon D800 #womencannRchel mcwogan

Melissa Post |Nikon D810 ” I spent 3 years of my life being put down in many ways by men. Not having a single woman is a HUGE put-down, Nikon. ”  #getyourshittogether#womenCAN002nikon

Jennifer Hammer | Nikon D610 #womencan 5

Bridget Palmer | Nikon D90 – D600 “I am a capable shooter with a D90 and a D600. I’m certain I can handle the newest model from those morons at Nikon.”  #screwnikon #WOMENCAN


Natalie Thomas | Nikon D610  “My face as that one article circulates. Nikon. Come on. ”

Katherine Mcpherson |Nikon D7000 “Nikon, Our girls deserve so much better than this! ”  #womencan
n Jennifer Haley | Nikon D610  “Full Frame with a woman behind the viewfinder. ”


Kimberley Kroupa | Nikon D610 “Been shooting Nikon since ’98 as a hobbyist.”


Erin Kay | Nikon D800 ” proud MOMtographer here. It is my responsibility and pleasure, as this capable young lady’s mother, to teach her that #WOMENCAN. But I, and every other mother, need help from the rest of the world too. We need change. Our youth is depending on us for a better future.” nikon999

Leilani Rodgers | Nikon D4 “I have been shooting Nikon exclusively for 10 years.”n.jpg

Alys Davidson | Nikon D810 “a mother of two incredible humans, and full-time photographer and photographic artist, gallery owner, and a trustee, multitasking machine busting my lady parts to live sustainable while doing what I love .. while your over there busy being a son of peach with your shitty attempt to make women seem less than capable. ” #wOMANCAN #screwyounikon07nikonRebecca Waldock  | Nikon D810

“Dear Nikon,

I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.


And I was in the market for a D5 or an 850.

4 strong, confident young ladies. Shot with a d810.”

nikon1Sandy Fales | Nikon 750 #womencan nsansyfales.jpgErin Mufford |Nikon D750  I don’t own lip gloss, I barely require a bra, and my cooking is passable at best. Good thing my worth is not defined by what a woman is “supposed” to be.  #WOMENCAN nerinmufford

Chris Tine | Nikon D750  “And of course I just bought a new Nikon body…..” 19nikon

Dandra Budd | Nikon D810 “Screw that Nikon! by a woman who embraces badass.”01112.jpg

Ashli Moon |Nikon D750 #womencan 12nikon

Amanda Patrick | D750 “Shame on you Nikon”08.jpgBeth Farnsworth | Nikon D600 #womencan nBeth fasworth

Sarah Moroce | Nikon D750  #womencan 038nikon

Cheri Dempkowski | Nikon D750 #womencan 027nikon

Jenn Russell | Nikon D750  “My husband even lets me drive sometimes to places where I can press buttons .” 003nikon

Elise Meader | D750  01

Sarah Gupta |NikonD750  ” A self-portrait of a wife, mother, scientist, artist, business owner, and badass photographer!”



Angie Klaus | Nikon D750 “I tell stories of powerful women. ”  #womencan DSC_0881.jpg

Jen Bilodeau | Nikon D750 “One of the amazing things about women is the way we come together in the face of adversity…..we each bring our voice and our passion, collectively creating a force that is unstoppable. #womencan

21682386_10213807247006129_1272845636_o.jpgLaure Aziz |Nikon  D600 “Oh these? Just some photos I managed to take while also having boobs and a vagina!” 15nikon

Mallory Gorham | Nikon 7200 “my passion is showing this male-centric world
just how much and how well #womencan. because, ”


Lee Harrison Pettigrew | Nikon D7100 #womencan 13nikonAbby Kenan | Nikon D750, Self Portraitn2.jpg

Sarah Whiting | Nikon D750  “My kind, caring, strong, independent little girl. I’m working hard to teach her that women can.

NIKON99999Amy Rushbrook | Nikon D810 I pushed a button on my friend’s Nikon for this personal project like the badass AF woman I am. #womencanNAmyrushbrook

Chloe Ramirez |  Nikon D800            “self-portrait” NChloeRamirez

Jenny Diaz |NikonD750  “I managed to photograph this session all while having a baby attached to me as I do with many of my sessions because #womencan.”n.jpg

Brianna Waltman  | Nikon D750 “I am baffled by this low blow made by Nikon.” nikon0111111

Nicole Caradonna  | Nikon D750 Wait, #womencan grow and sustain human life AND work a camera?! Who knew.nnicolecaradonna

Kris Kelley | Nikon D750 #womencan nkriskelly

Brittany Blake | Nikon D750 “see the world in beautiful ways. And women can hold big cameras in their tiny hands.”

d750Deanna Mccasland | Nikon D700-D750 #womenCan nDeanna Mcastland

Brianna Nichole | I see you Nikon…not cool. I ❤️ the crap out of my d750. It’s my 4th baby after the 3 that call me mom. I’ve been so fortunate to learn from some bad ass women in this industry. I would not be the photographer I am with out their influence. #WOMENCAN

nikon 2

Sarah Begbie | Nikon D700 #womencan 015nikom

Shaina Sullivan | Nikon D90 “It’s incredible of all the talent out there they didn’t choose a single female for Nikons campaign #screwnikon. I wish I could afford a bad boy camera but I’ve been stuck with what I started off with.” 013nikonJess Worrall | Nikon D750 012nikon

Karen Dell |Nikon D750  ” Of course we can.” 007nikon

Camille Camacho | Nikon D810 “My first ever self-portrait & it took all the guts… all the courage… all the bravery… to not only take this but share it.”nikon01Stacey Ebstyne | Nikon D750 “Just photographed this woman yesterday! I use a Nikon d750 and use all Nikon lenses. I have never posted here before but this made me want to be brave and support all woman photogs! #womencan”011nikonAlana Atkins | Nikon d750 “I’m not sure if there are too many women in this post for Nikon? D750” 010nikon

Amy Shaw | Nikon D750. “I’m a mother, a daughter, a wife and a nurse. I balance many things in my life. I raise children and run a business. I have a unique perspective on the world. I am strong and I am capable. #womencann.jpg

Rebecca Tompkins | Nikon D810  But I am also a survivor. I survived 13 years of domestic abuse. Physical, mental, emotional, and sexual. I survived 2 years of stalking and threats and months without my children when I left. I fought. I stood. I persevered. I piece by piece put myself back together. I put my family back together. Put my life back together. Every time I pick up that camera now, I am managing to heal another piece of something that needs to be loved. Every image that is featured, liked, praised and most importantly is pleasing to my eye I feel pride because I did that. I taught myself one button at a time. I am a woman and I can!

Amber Getsinger | Nikon D750  “Proudly raising boys to know that #womencan2

BE INSPIRED Session | feature by Isaac & Isabelle Homestead Photography

BE INSPIRED Session | feature by Isaac & Isabelle Homestead Photography


Tell us a bit about your approach to the work you do, your time in the business and a few personal facts about you.

Hello! My name is Michelle and I’ve been pursuing this art of photography for about 6 years now. My approach, or my hope, for my work is to show the Divine things, that they are right there with us all in the every day. I approach each session with a prayer. A prayer that my hands, eyes, and heart all work together to produce an end result that will show it really is all sacred. It doesn’t always turn out the way I had hoped, but when it does, it feels pretty magical.

What about this session was most memorable?

These photos I captured of my youngest, Luke, going out for the morning routine of letting the chickens out of their house. The fog was thick, the air hanging with droplets, and then the sun broke through. I was so excited I had to catch my breath a couple times from running back and forth to align the sun with all the animals and my toddler. I hadn’t touched my camera in almost 2 weeks before this, battling the normal anxiety and heavy that comes to us all every now and then, and this personal session was like a big ole ribbon wrapped present waiting just for me! I will be forever grateful for these photos!

Were there any hurdles?

My little guy is always, always, so excited to get outside, especially to let the chickens out. He was not interested at all this morning and had a little bit of a breakdown. I was super bummed that I had this incredible weather and light and he wasn’t going to act his normal self. Then after a few minutes, he came around, I was giddy.

Your best photographer/session advice?

My best photographer advice would have to be to not over-think it. You have to put so much thought into what you want to shoot and how you want to go about it, but after that let yourself feel. Feel your way through it, allow yourself to be open to it all. And the other thing is the one we all say, only shoot what you love!

What gear was used to achieve these?

Nikon D-610, 35MM


I love God, crazy for my husband of almost 19 years, and grateful to be a mother! Photography is my small side job. My main task in this season is homeschooling our three children, homesteading and tending to our small hobby farm. If I’m not shooting with my camera you will probably find me in the garden, or be trying to spin our sheep wool into yarn. It’s a blessed life.

W E B S I T E | F A C E B O O K | I N S T A G R A M | P I N T E R E S T 

Be Inspired mini session | Feature by Kat Mervyn

Be Inspired mini session | Feature by Kat Mervyn
Tell us a bit about your approach to the work you do, your time in the business and a few personal facts about you.

I actually come from a background in editorial photography, but when i had this little one 7 years ago, I started working for myself, mainly shooting weddings. I have two girls, three including my dog Rooster. I have a very laid back reactive approach to shooting weddings, and am more directive with my own children!

What about this session was most memorable?

I was just coming off a weekend of shooting weddings and couldn’t really be bothered bringing my camera out on our walk. (we walk our dog Rooster very morning) but at the last minute i just grabbed it and threw it in under the babes pram.

Were there any hurdles?

The only hurdle was making sure we could find a spot where we wouldn’t squash any flowers, also it was pretty damp so my daughter said I had to lie down too so she could take my photo too!

Your best photographer/session advice?

Always bring your camera, even when you aren’t getting paid! Shoot every day, and don’t be afraid to try things, if its not working, move on.

What gear was used to achieve these?

d750, and 35mm @1.4. I used the flip out screen to hold it high above my head, can’t do without that flip out screen!




Mother to Martha, wife to Daniel, the whole world to Rooster. I love food, cooking it, eating it, reading about it, watching it on TV, talking about it. I’m a dog person, and a horse person, I’m not that well travelled, I love home. I’m a HUGE Bob Seger fan. I’m one of the lucky ones who gets to do what she loves. I sometimes take that for granted.

I love photographs that show spirit, and connection.

W E B S I T E | I N S T A G R A M | F A C E B O O K 


REDEFINE | Freelensing feature by Carrine Powers of Jupiter Hue Photography

REDEFINE | Freelensing feature by Carrine Powers of Jupiter Hue Photography

“There is only one sun. We can’t all claim to only have one way to use the light, but we can REDEFINE how we choose to express it. “

When did you first learn about freelensing? Or, when did you first realize you liked it?

The first time I came across the term “freelensing”, I was reading a comment in one of the photography groups I had just recently joined in February of 2016. In situations like this, it would have been nice if would have made note of the artist and the image that inspired me to google how to do it, I would love to give them credit right now. It would also be nice if I could say I read a few things online and went out and created magic right then, buuut that’s not how it happened. In reality, I was scared to even try. As with a lot of things you read on the internet, the scary accounts of possible damage, to my camera and lens, stuck out and didn’t seem worth the risk. However, I kept seeing these dreamy OOF bokeh-holy images, the creation of such beauty being credited to freelensing. Soon thereafter, I was happy to have found and enrolled in an online course that focused on using tilt-shift lens and the freelensing technique to achieve a dreamy, painterly look. I learned a lot was so inspired by the artist, Justyna Butler, and her course that I can honestly say both were a huge influence on how I capture images today.

What were the challenges for you in the beginning, in your journey or figuring out freelensing?

When I first unmounted my lens, which was a brand new Sigma Art 35 1.4, from my brand new Nikon d750, I was a nervous wreck. I didn’t have a second body, or at the time, any other lenses. I had zero extra money to even buy a cheap nifty 50 use just for freelensing. I reeeeally wanted to try freelensing so badly that I was risking what seemed to be EVERYTHING to do it (without our gear we are dead in the water, no?). And boy, was I awkward it at first trying to hold the lens and camera, but I practiced and practiced and soon I got comfortable shooting. That part wasn’t really tough compared to letting go of the rules. It was one thing to admire that dreamy look in another’s work, but in my own, I was frustrated and hard on myself about nailing focus. During these first attempts at freelensing I found standard objects flowers, weeds, leaves to capture. And doing so I learned and became more comfortable holding my lens. Looking back it took longer than I would like to admit to free myself and go for it with moving objects. Once I was able to let go of the constraints of the “perfect focus” I was able to cross the freelesning technique from still-life into my documentary work, capturing my children.

Why are you passionate about this topic?

This technique crossed my path during a rut. Ya know, the lulls and dulls of inspiration. When all the every day, daily images have been taken, all the light of that season explored, and you’re sporting the “been there done that” attitude that kills your drive to create anything. For me, freelensing was a gateway to a creative place where I have been able to breed ideas and techniques together to continue to manipulate my craft, as a way to keep thing fresh and new. Being able to embrace distortion and OOF, slow shutter, in camera double exposure, tilt-shift lens, vintage film lenses, the list goes on – and hopefully, will continue to get longer, I enjoy exploring. When you find that something that really speaks to you, whether it is a project, an online course, another creative mind, a workshop, or a technique (or all the above) it becomes part of your journey and who you are as an artist. Not to say I wasn’t passionate about photography before freelensing, but I can say without a doubt, freelesing bore passion into photography, for me, in such a way that was not there before.

What are the tips you would share with anyone trying to achieve this technique?

If you are just starting out or you have been inspired to come back to the Art of Freelensing a few tips that I feel are pretty fundamental in achieving success are as follows: Unmount your lens from your camera body, set your lens focus to infinity – if your lens does not have an infinity symbol shown – turn the focus ring all the way left. I like to put my camera on live view, for one bc it a larger (= easier) viewing screen and for two the mirror is put into a flipped up position, out of the way so not to hit the end of my lens (especially when I use my Helios; which has a longer contact ring). Position your lens so close to the camera that it IS touching the camera body, most of your image should be in focus when you look at the LV screen, then every so slightly tilt the lens, you will notice the focus changing, added blur and hopefully some light leaks. Because your focus has been set to infinity you will need to move yourself and your camera around to find the slice of focus or light leaks or flares that you desire. The only time I need to adjust my focus ring after it is unmounted is when I want a closer crop of my subject. There is no one way to freelens, these are a few tips that I use that I hope will help you get started. The more you practice the more you will find what is best for you and your art.

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Carrine Powers is a daily life photographer living in Central Florida. She is a momma to 2 daughters, 2 sons, and a step-son. Currently, her work centers around her family, and the occasional client. She enjoys being involved in communities of interest, Photography, school PTA, and other Moms. She and her husband love to travel by road as often as possible, the mountains being a favorite.

I N S T A G R A M 

Monthly Self Portrait Project#P52radness

Monthly Self Portrait Project#P52radness

Oh what joy it gives me to be blogging this series again, these submissions are from June. and, even though I haven’t been blogging them the project is still going strong, and I promise to catch up because this project is LIFE. I do not exaggerate when I say that.

My thoughts often circle around how vulnerable women can be, how much it takes to type out the words in our head. To put ourselves out there for all to see, for all to judge, and for all to essentially gawk at. The photographs show only one side of us at a time, and most of us want to scream at the fact that we are more than one photo can share.

& I think that essentially what has drawn me to this project. It has honestly liberated other facets of myself. I look forward to writing more on this in the future + inviting the other ladies in the group to share their words with us.


words by Adri De La Cruz


She comes to presence
in a great wave of grief
that has no bottom.

{water cannot swim}

Feeling the unbearable
weight of womanhood
tearing me open,
revealing my own sorrows.

{a channel of life}

poem by

Mucro Pondera Divinus  Portland, OR









F A C E B O O K  G R O U P