BE INSPIRED | Session featuring Wild Prairie Photography


Is this a personal or client photography session?

This particular session was client work.

What about this session was most memorable?

This session was the first session in my new home Colorado Springs. Joanna found me on a Facebook message board and was requesting a photographer with a passion for candid’s and natural shooting. I contacted her and we were a perfect match. I loved that she wanted me to just hang out with her family as this type of session is kind of my dream session!

Where there any significant hurdles?

Ahh…low light inside. My camera isn’t the fanciest (high ISO is a challenge for my camera) but…I totally embraced the grain here. It turned out amazing. Sometimes it’s not the technicalities of a photo that make them great. It is the subject, the emotion, the feeling you get when you see the finished product. Even though my camera wasn’t the greatest at low light, I still made it work and I call that a success.

Your best photographer/session advice?

Have. Fun. Period. When I approach a session, I think about how I would feel as a client. What would I want? How would I feel if I was on the other side of lens? Then I incorporate those wants/feelings into my session. Of course, I take the clients wishes into account as well; but we have to realize that first and foremost, our duty as photographers is to provide our clients with an experience that they will remember as amazing. For, at the end of the session, our client to say “wow”. That is the end goal. Just be yourself during your session. Really let your inner you shine through. If you are relaxed, your clients will also be relaxed!

What gear was used to achieve these?

I shoot with a Nikon D5300, totally not a pro camera (my dream camera is a Nikon D750, the goal is have that by the end of this year!) but I make it work for me! I always use a 50mm 1.8 lens. I am totally a prime lens girl through and through!



About the Photographer: 

Hey guys! My name is Sandy Fales and I am the face behind the camera at Wild Prairie Photography! I am a recent transplant to beautiful Colorado Springs! I. Love. It. Here. The mountains, the air, the people…everything! It is truly where my heart lays. Golden sunsets silhouetting the mountains are my absolutely favorite. When I am not gazing into the beauty of nature, I love chasing my babes around and forever preserving those little moments we have together.

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