REDEFINE | MULTIPLE EXPOSURES featuring JenDzen Photography

“There is only one sun. We can’t all claim to only have one way to use the light, but we can REDEFINE how we choose to express it. “

Why are you so passionate about this topic?

I’m passionate about any technique that allows for me to shoot creatively and edit minimally. To be able to create unique pieces just using my mind and my camera is so rewarding.

When did you first learn this technique? Or, when did you first realize you liked this topic?

Just a few months ago, I started shooting multiple exposures. I realized I loved it the first time i tried it. Even though my first attempts were awful, I saw such great potential in the ability to layer textures, subject matter and concepts. At first, I had hard time visualizing images combine but once I got the technique figured out, I very quickly began to have artistic visions in double. I see things every day and think, ‘that would look nice with a face on it’! 🙂

What are the tips you would share with anyone trying to achieve this technique?

-Just like everything else in photography, number one tip is practice! Like I said, it took a little bit for my mind to start visualizing ideas in double.

-At first its just shooting anything so you can learn how your camera layers exposures.

-I would suggest, if your camera allows, is to shoot one image and then select it from your card to double expose, rather than shooting both at once. This way you can double expose that first shot over and over using different settings so you can see what happens. This is also a nice feature because you can expose over an image that was taken a different day or location. I often have ideas later on and double expose images I took previously.

-Use live view so you can see your layers. I’m very much still learning so that’s all I really have, in the way of tips.

About the Photographer:  

Thank you for having me! I’m just a girl that loves taking pictures. I’m learning new things every time I shoot and still have so so much to learn. Every lesson learned creates a new favorite image 🙂

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