BE INSPIRED | Session featuring Delta Love Photography

Is this personal work / client work ?

Hm…. how to answer this. Well, the senior in this session is a member of the Delta Love Street Team {my senior rep program} so it’s a little of both. I like to think all of my sessions {although majority are client based} have a wink of personal in them.

What about this session was most memorable?

She was so excited about the shoot, but continued to mention how “awkward” she was. I ask everyone who tells me this the same thing… “Have you met me yet?!”

Throughout this learning process of photography, I’ve constantly been reminded to “define who your dream client is.” It wasn’t until this shoot that everything FINALLY… clicked. “My” ideal senior is that slightly awkward girl who just wants to have a fun photo shoot.

This particular senior is obviously gorgeous BUT what brought me so much excitement was when she saw the back of the camera and immediately goes wide eyed with a big smile. It was then that she “turned on her inner model” and created one of my favorite senior sessions to date.

Were there any hurdles?

If you’ve ever been to the Mississippi Delta during June/July… Well then… I don’t have to explain much further…

It was super hot and had to be 100% humidity. The sun was full force. Not a floating cloud in the sky. Oh, and the session was at noon 🙂

Your best photographer/session advice?

Be yourself. I can’t expect “my” seniors to give me the photos I want if I am trying to be some hardball technically correct photographer. Being your own goofy/crazy self will allow them to do the same… and with that… you can’t fail.

Give them permission to be 100% themselves. Sometimes girls won’t try certain poses or are apprehensive to try certain poses because they are worried about what they look like, what their friends will say, that they look silly, etc…..

By giving them the permission to be themselves by flat out telling them {I always say, “I’m not going to make you look stupid or silly… Promise.”} OR just showing them the poses yourself… those barriers will slowly become broken.

I want the girls to feel comfortable enough to pull out their inner model fierceness and just have fun doing so. #BeBraveBeYOU

What gear was used to achieve these?

I shoot with a Nikon D7100. This session was shot with my Nikon 35 mm 1.8 lens.

Devan Ellington {one of my sister’s friends… she’s amazing!} did her make-up prior and also was my “reflector girl.”





About the photographer: 

I’m a Mississippi Delta girl {born and raised} who married the cutest red head around. I’m a…. big sister, midnight popsicle lover, Christmas baby, some say I’m a little weird and awkward… I say I’m just a lil cooler for it, a proud Mississippi Deltian, and most importantly… I follow a higher power that always seems to amaze me and always puts me back in the right directions… Isaiah 49:16.

Before there was photography there was nursing {and still work as a nurse when I can!} and then there was nurse practitioner school then… I found a camera… and I haven’t turned back.

My main areas of focus are seniors and babies!

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