Dear Photographer featuring Melina Nastazia Photography

June 2013

Dear Photographer,

You started your photography journey as a new mom eager to capture every second of your children’s lives: their joy, triumphs, milestones, quiet moments, raw emotions, uncensored silliness and imagination–before it all flew by in lightning speed.

You started your photography journey as a former actress turned stay at home Mom, struggling to find a creative outlet while learning to manage a household with two babies under two years of age.

You started your photography journey completely unaware of how much it would enrich, fulfill, delight and inspire your day to day.

During the past two years, you have found a way to communicate the love, connection, and emotion surrounding you. You have been inspired to voice concepts that you feel passionately about. You have been able to share the beauty you see in details, as well as the strength, power and hope that you associate with light. You have been able to embark on longterm, creative and therapeutic personal projects.

My wish for you is that photography can always be your safe haven. That you continue learning, growing, supporting, inspiring and feeling inspired. That you keep shooting with your gut and with your heart. Please remember that what you want to say is infinitely more important than how it is received. Make giving back an ongoing priority to the community that has supported and uplifted you.

About the photographer: 
Hi, I am Melina. I was born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece, but migrated to the United States in my late teens. I specialize in child, maternity, boudoir, couples and actor headshots/dance in the five boroughs of New York City. I am a natural light photographer and my style is creative fine art. My goal is to create one-of-a-kind images that are artistic, soulful and unique to the individual. I am interested in capturing human connection and soul. The subtlety of a look, the gentleness or sensuality of a touch, the visceral love communicated in a myriad of ways through body language. Through my images, I seek to tell stories, connect and communicate ideas. I am never interested in recreating the same image; each subject comes with their own unique story that is worth telling.

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