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March 2013

March 2013

Dear Photographer,

It’s the year 2013 and you have begun a new chapter in your life. Recently married to a wonderful husband, blended your beautiful families, expecting a baby girl, and the biggest change of all is that you will decide to end your 13 year enlistment in the Air Force to stay home with your growing family.

It will be a scary and uncertain change, as any major transition in life can be. Giving up a career and way of life that is all you have known, will be difficult, but what you will gain will be more than you can ever imagine.

Although you are embarking on a new journey as a civilian and family photographer, you will carry with you all of the valuable tools that you gained as a Military Photographer. There is so much more out there for you to experience, don’t confine yourself to the comfort of the small world that you know.

There are four important things that I want you to remember and repeat often:

  1. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and be confident in your ability. No one has your passion. No one has your creativity. No one has your vision. You are an original and so is the art that you will create.
  2. FIND A MENTOR or many mentors. Surround yourself with people that know more than you. Surround yourself with people that encourage and motivate you. Surround yourself with the people that are where you want to be. That is when you will truly grow and discover the artist that you are.
  3. NEVER STOP LEARNING. There is always more to learn. You can never have enough knowledge. There will always be something that you can learn from a person or an experience. Continue learning new techniques and practice every day.
  4. When you feel like giving up… START OVER AT NUMBER ONE !!!

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About the photographer: 

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Hello and thank you for getting to know a little bit about me. I am Diane. I live in the Temecula Valley region of Southern California with my husband and our five wonderful children. As a family we watch movies, baseball games (huge Dodgers fans) and go on an occasional frozen yogurt date. When the hubby and I go out, we enjoy a nice glass of wine at one of the local wineries or while trying a new restaurant. I am an on location family, children and portrait photographer. The joy of being a photographer’s child, is that they often get to be my muses and test subjects for new locations. I enjoy capturing the individuality of each person that is in front of my lens. I am drawn to that yummy golden light of sunset. When I add the connection of the subject to a simple location and the perfect light, I love being able to turn an everyday moment into an extraordinary image. Photography gives me an outlet to connect with people and create a timeless piece of art.


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