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July of 2014 (my first paid gig)

Dear Photographer –

I know it’s a bit painful to look back at this and the other images from your first “official” session. At this time, you were still shooting on auto and had no clue what manual mode really meant. For some reason though, you felt the need to jump in with both feet and absorb as much information as you humanly could. I’m glad you did. Your curiosity was more than just that. It was and still is a passion that has transformed not only your work, but also the way you live and see the world.

Photography has become a blessing and though it now touches you every single day in one form or another, never take it for granted. You have come a long way in the past 14 months, but you still have plenty of opportunity to grow, and I know that is one of the reasons why you love the art so much. There is always room for improvement. Continue to push yourself hard. Never settle. Make a plan and hit those milestones. The dedication has already proven that it will get you the results. No need to question it.

You will face a variety of struggles, which will probably include more creative blocks. That is okay. Try not to get frustrated. Sometimes you’ll just need time and to accept the fact that you have to deal. Though it’s a love, it’s never perfect. Work through what you can, and if you need to, step away to refresh your mind and your soul.

Appreciate your clients. Embrace the rainbow of personalities you are lucky enough to encounter, because without them your photography would not have the amount of diversity that it does. Tell your fellow photographers what they mean to you. The network you’ve created in the past year is overwhelming. This group of people are talented and loving and kind. Let them continue to inspire you, but try not to compare. Raise them up, just as they raise you up. Be as thankful for them as you are for your growth. They are part of the reason why you’ve grown as much as you have. Never forget that. And finally… recognize the amazing amount of support that you have received from your family and friends. Without them, none of this would be possible.

Keep moving, Photographer. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes you.


About the photographer:

My name is Lisa Simon. I’m a natural light photographer based in the northern Chicago suburbs. I’m originally from Des Moines, Iowa, but followed my husband to Illinois 12+ years ago and have been here since. We’ve been blessed with a daughter and son, and focusing on them is what ignited my love for photography. My goal is to capture authentic moments that drive connections and emotions and turn it into art. That is what speaks to me and makes my heart skip a beat.

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