“Fettuccine for Two” featuring Story and Song Photography


Hey there! I’m Sarah with Story and Song Photography! I am so amazingly honored to be a monthly contributor here at Dear Photographer. Thanks for being here while I share a little bit of my heart.

Sometimes I’ll be in a moment, a simple, mundane, everyday moment. And my breath will catch and my heart will flutter, and I realize that this moment, this little instant in time, I will never have again. We’ll go through the same routines and have the same events occur, sure, but that exact moment? Never again. They’ll never be as little as they are right. that. moment.

Sometimes I panic and wish I could turn back time. Sometimes I breathe as deep as I can and blink hard trying to sear the memory into my brain. And sometimes, I get out my camera. So years down the road, I’ll be able to look at the Alfredo covered fingers and faces and crawl back into that moment and hold it tight for just a little bit longer.

Story and Song PhotographyStory and Song PhotographyStory and Song Photography

We just moved. We’re not totally unpacked, not at all organized, and definitely not styled in anyway I would like it. But it is where we live and memories are happening, and I won’t let something so silly as a mess stop me from freezing those moments forever.

Story and Song PhotographyStory and Song PhotographyStory and Song Photography

And that photo is forever going to remind me of the kiss she offered just afterwards, which, of course, I took, Alfredo sauce and all!

Story and Song Photography

And in those simple, mundane, everyday moments, their personalities shine the most. The curious, focused, silly and even mad sides.

Story and Song PhotographyStory and Song Photography

These everyday moments are the ones most fleeting. The ones that you blink and they’re gone and you’ll wonder where they went and how your sweet 1 year old is now a tenacious 4 year old and how your tenacious 4 year old is now an articulate 7 year old. The ones I’ll yearn to do over and over. And looking at these photos I’ll be able to. I’ll just close my eyes and be transported back to sippy cups and pasta slurping, PJs and My Little Pony. For just one moment.

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