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October 2012

Dear Photographer,

Remember when you used to borrow your uncle’s DSLR to take pictures? You had no clue what you were doing but it was fun. Remember when you purchased your very own DSLR, Nikon D5100, in late 2011? You were so happy to finally been able to afford it after wanting your own for the past five years or so. You wanted to learn how to take great photos, but you were afraid to. You let your camera choose what to do. The above photo was taken in aperture mode and when you saw it, you thought it was the best photo ever. Looking at it now, you think the green casts and limb chopping is terrible – but you have this moment frozen in time. Your daughter, a little over a year old. In that cute red dress you found at goodwill. On the farm where you lived taking care of her great grandmother. This moment is frozen in time, whether it was taken in auto, aperture or manual. If you hadn’t thought it was the best photo ever then, you wouldn’t be where you are today. If you had just given up ever learning manual mode, which took you two whole years to muster up the courage to try, who knows? You wouldn’t be the photographer you are today.

Remember, earlier this year, when you launched your business? You had no clue what you were doing and admittedly, still have lots to learn in that respect. Remember when you purchased your first full frame camera, used? The Canon 5D classic. What a game changer it was. That camera made you want more, so you purchased a Canon 6D and you are content (for now!) Remember the moments that you captured this year, not only for yourself but for your clients? Those little moments will be cherished for years to come. You were so happy to be behind the lens, doing what you truly loved to do – photography doesn’t feel like work.

Remember when, a friend at work told you about this girl who just loved your work and recently got a new DSLR? How you offered to mentor her and help her learn photography so that it didn’t take her as long as you to really learn how to use her camera – and how she excelled so quickly.

Remember when, last year around this time, you submerged yourself into the photography community? Who would have thought you’d make so many lasting friendships with people all over the world? Remember when, last year, you started “The Thrifty Tog Blog,” and idea you had and ran by one of those friends, who jumped on board with you. Look at where it is today – Dear Photographer. Think about all of the work you have put into growing this community and planning you have put into making it last.

Who would have ever thought back when you were just borrowing your uncle’s DSLR that you would be who you are today?

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