“An Introduction” featuring Daphne Laput Photography


As a new monthly contributor to Dear Photographer,

I figured I better properly introduce myself.

I’m Daphne, a young mother of two, P&S, in New York (not the city). I started my photography journey like so many, simply because I wanted some “nice” photos of my kid. The want quickly turned into an obsession. It’s rare I don’t have a camera in reach. It took me a long while to find myself in this though. I began with hunting out even light, open shade, perfect back lighting, even tones, perfect exposure, proper cropping and crisp focus. The arrival of kid #2 introduced a whole new world of my photography and I really fell my own.

Because life with kids? It’s not crisp.


It’s full of motion.



And details

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And the best moments don’t always happen in the best light.

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I shoot almost exclusively for myself but am so looking forward to being a

monthly contributor to Dear Photographer!


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