BE INSPIRED Session featuring Susan B Photography


Is this personal work / client work ?
Personal, this is my sweet little boy.

What about this session was most memorable?
That gorgeous golden light! We had the most fun chasing that light.

Where there any hurdles?
Trying to get eye contact from him is (almost) impossible. I try to stay back and just capture him candidly but the mommy in me still love to get a few with direct eye contact.

Your best photographer/session advice?
Try different angles. Shoot from above, from below, far away, and close up. This will help give you more images to tell a story.

What gear was used to achieve these?
Nikon D750 + 50mm 1.4















About the photographer:

Hi, my name is Susan Brooksby. I’m mommy to three rambunctious little boys and just celebrated 7 beautiful years of marriage with my husband. We’re located about 30 miles west of Denver, Colorado. Like many moms my love for photography began when I first became mommy to my first born, who will be turning 9! Just recently I’ve made it a big goal to let go of trying to capture the picture perfect posed shot and focus on the everyday beauty. I purchased the Nikon D750 almost a year ago and shortly after switched over from an android phone to the iPhone. That’s when I became fascinated with iphonetography. The ease of use and not having to worry about the camera settings really made me able to focus more on the moment. This was a breaking point in my photography journey, I was able to learn so much about capturing light and seeing how much that can transform a regular snapshot into a magical one.

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3 thoughts on “BE INSPIRED Session featuring Susan B Photography

  1. Absolutely stunning. I love all your photo shoots but my favorite are of your three boys you can feel the love.

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