10 FACTS WITH FACEBOOK GUEST JUDGE 11/9-11/15 | Stacey Repinski Photography


Hi, I’m Stacey, photographer of Stacey Repinski Photography. I am a lifestyle and portrait photographer located in Minnesota. I shoot with a Nikon D610 and a 35mm lens. I am so excited to be this weeks guest judge over on Dear Photographer Facebook page.

Website. Facebook. (Also, check out my BE INSPIRED Session!)

10 Fun Facts About Me

  1. I have 4 kids – 1 boy and 3 girls.

  2. I love jalapeno peppers!

  3. I almost cry and feel choked up when I do Fresh 48/Newborn Hospital Sessions – probably because I am a mother.  But they are my very favorite types of sessions.

  4. I have had enough experience now that it’s not “if” my computer will crash it’s “when”.

  5. I work a day job but just recently went part-time.

  6. I love shooting outside.

  7. My favorite components to a photograph are: movement, water, and sun.

  8. My 4-year-old just started being able to make the “s” sound when she talks and she is extremely proud of that.

  9. I am shooting my first wedding in June (as primary) and I am excited and nervous all at the same time.

10. I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology.



I don’t know that doing chores is anyone’s favorite thing to do.  But doing chores is a part of life and sometimes capturing those moments can make really beautiful images.  What better way to showcase your everyday!  I can’t wait to see your images!!


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