10 FACTS WITH FACEBOOK GUEST JUDGE 11/16-11/22 | Ashley Langtry Photography


Hi! I am Ashley, photographer at Ashley Langtry Photography. I am a Newborn and Lifestyle Photographer in San Diego California, shooting since 2012.  I am a Canon Girl, and shoot with a Mark iii.  I love to use a variety of lenses, but my two most used are my Sigma 35 Art, and my Canon 70-200 2.8.  But, I can’t get over the love of my nifty-fifty, and find myself shooting with it regularly when documenting my own family.

Ten Fun Facts about Me

  1. My heart is split equally into two halves; one that loves pizza, and the other that loves burritos.
  2. I am ridiculously smitten by two little gingers.
  3. One of my dogs has his own Instagram account.
  4. I never leave home without a HydroFlask and a camera.
  5. I listen to podcasts while I run.  And gangster rap.
  6. I read.  A lot.
  7. I Netflix a lot too.
  8. My family has moved four times in the past eight years, and we have two more moves scheduled in the next eighteen months.
  9. I named my daughter after two kids movies I watched while pregnant. Ellie Mahoney (can you guess which two?)
  10. I want to write children’s books someday.



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