“A Few of My Favorite Things” featuring Always Matilda Photography


Happy December!!  Happy busy holiday season!!  It is crazy over at my house, and I’m sure you all can relate.   While I was finishing up a gallery this week I knew  I wanted to feature some (most) of the photos in this blog post.  It was just one of those sessions that warmed my heart.  So…. without further ado, please let me share some of my favorite things with you!

{Reconnecting}  I love that this job brings people back into my life that I haven’t seen in forever.  I went to high school with this mama and was so excited to have her ask me to take her family photos.  It is super special to get to see how much people have changed and grown and to meet their little families.


{Authenticity}  I adore when sessions really speak about who the family is that I’m photographing.  I want my photos to tell the story of my clients’ hearts. 9-copy10-copy17-copymichele67

{Friends that are family}  Photographing these very special people is easier than any other family.  I don’t feel nervous, they don’t feel nervous and they can be themselves because we all know each other inside out anyway.  I can’t embarrass myself with family, they know I’m a nerd and love me anyway.


{Siblings}  Siblings who are so in love.  So in love that they can’t even hide it.  It warms my soul.


{Details}  Shabby Chic.  Vintage.  Chippy Paint.  Barn Wood.


{Emotions}  Laughing and smiles that you can feel when you look at a photograph.  If you were to ask me what kind of photography I want to specialize in, my answer would be “emotional photography”.  I love birth, I love babies with their new families. I love kids playing and families cuddling and anything that gives the viewer “all the feels”.


{Sun}  Warm golden sun, lighting everything up.


{Moms & Dads}  Parents with their kids.  Kids are nothing short of a miracle and maybe it’s the mom in me or maybe it’s the photographer in me… but I can’t get enough of photos that capture that relationship.


{Vibrancy}  Fall colors are a gift that I never entirely appreciated.  I am so not a cold weather person.  I want to live where it’s mostly warm, most of the time.  These colors, though.  I am not entirely sure I could live somewhere that these didn’t exist!


{Holiday photos!}   I look forward to creating a holiday card all year!!  I love themed shoots and I love sending out cards to our loved ones that really speak of who we are.  My husband and I built this tent together and then I dragged the kids out and forced them to cooperate.  If that doesn’t speak of photographer family love, I don’t know what does.  😉


I wish everyone a very happy, warm and cozy holiday season filled with love and family and photos <3


*image of Katie by My Four Hens Photography

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