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One of my beginning images.
One of my beginning images.

Dear Khalilah 2014,

You don’t know, do you? You don’t know that it will take a lot of time, and hard work, to make your dreams come true. You don’t know that with every click of the shutter, every hour spent editing, gets you closer. You don’t know that you’re much closer than you think. You don’t know that quitting would leave an emptiness in you forever.

What you do know is fear, doubt, and your insecurities. You know all the reasons you’re not good enough.

Want to know what I’ve learned about you in a year and a half? You’ve grown…tremendously! I know that everything you claim to know now is false. I know the work you’ve been doing is taking you on the right path…the path you need to stay on. It’s the way with the best results.

What you don’t know is what the passion that resides in you will feel like when realized. It already knows what your capable of. It already knows you are worth it…and it’s within you.

Do you know now?

Khalilah, 2015

boysAug-117-2 Grad&boys2015-178-2 boysAugust2015-139-2 PumpkinPatch2015-91-3 FamCruise10-15-30 FamCruise10-15-105Fun2015-110-2

About the photographer:

Hey, Khalilah here! I am a crazy Jersey girl. No, not Jersey Shore crazy. Normal Jersey crazy. Ha! I document families with young children. Having two young boys of my own has really ignited a passion to capture every moment possible. The moments seem like they will last forever but one day they just stop. I want to make sure those moments are accessible, as our children transition through life. Who doesn’t like an old picture that starts a great conversation. “Remember when you used to wear a winter coat in the summer?” Those memories bring us comfort, laughter and closeness. That’s what I want to do for families!

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