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Hello all! I’m Erin Berry, from Focused Dreamer Photos. I am documentary/portraiture/fine art photographer,  {I can’t pick just one!}  located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I’ve been shooting with my camera since May 2015, but my experience goes back to 2006 using film. I love my Nikon D5300. My favorite lens is my 50mm prime but recently got my hands on a 35mm and it’s giving my 50 a run for its money. I am so thrilled to be a guest judge this week on Dear Photographer!

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10 Fun Facts about Me

  1. My favorite comfort food: Peanut Butter Cookie Dough.
  2. If I could only shoot one thing the rest of my life it would be still life.
  3. I still feel really weird telling people “I’m a photographer”.
  4. I believe ice cream for breakfast is literally the best part about being an adult.
  5. Most of my inspiration stems from Vivian Maier. If you haven’t read about her, you need to. She was an amazing street photographer and a very interesting character.
  6. I have eight nieces and nephews {not including a great-niece} ranging in ages 26 years to 4 months. {I’m only 27.}
  7. I married my husband after only knowing him eight months, and we are going seven years strong {With two beautiful boys.}
  8. I edit my images almost 100% in Lightroom. I use Photoshop to watermark and that’s about the extent of my knowledge.
  9. I really really want to go on a National Geographic Photo Expedition.
  10. I have social anxiety issues with meeting people for the first time. It makes photo shoots super awkward until I warm up a little.



Have fun!

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