BE INSPIRED Session featuring Tarah Burrell Photography


Is this personal work or client work?

This BE INSPIRED session I am featuring, is personal work of my dear niece, Alexis.

What about this session was most memorable?

Just being around Alexis is always memorable. She and I are incredibly a lot alike, in many ways. But, I would say the most memorable thing would be that black gown she wore in her pictures.

Alexis is a professional dancer, at the young age of 14! She wears this gown during practice, which is often. She is VERY dedicated to anything she does. She has traveled all over the states, performing in many different competitions. I’m pretty sure she has won each of the categories that she has participated in! I may be a very proud aunt! 😉

Where there any hurdles?

I think its safe to say there were none. Other than the fact that she had to keep those ballerina toe shoes pristine. We had to opt to keep them off after a few moments. They were prone to sinking into the very soggy ground. And, I guess you could say keeping that ball gown from catching onto anything and everything when she walked!

Your best photographer/session advice?

I guess the thing that always comes to mind for myself, when I am giving out advice to others who are aspiring to be a photographer, watch your light. Watch those shadows, too. Learn what those ‘magic hours’ are before hand and give yourself the adequate amount of time. Because when that beautiful light is gone, it’s gone. Unless of course, it’s cloudy out. Then, you are good to go any time of the day. I am a stickler for catching those natural sunbursts! I just love them!

Also, always, always remember to check those settings. Pause and take a moment to make sure “Is it sharp? How’s my ISO? How’s my F-Stop?” It always makes things easier when the time to post process comes along. You’ll be thankful for having the best image to work with off the bat!

What gear was used to achieve these?

I was using my Sigma Art 35mm 1.4, with my Nikon D800, as well as my Nikon 50mm 1.2 with my Nikon D7000, for more close-up and detailed shots



About the photographer:

Let’s see .. this is more difficult when it’s you doing the writing. Who am I? Well, I am Tarah, mom to four, of which two are special needs. I homeschool all four, along with my hubby of eleven years. I am a musician by nature. I have been singing my entire life, but I picked up my first guitar around sixteen and began writing my own music to top it off. I actually have an album, somewhere. lol I then dropped the music after we started our family and began photography when the oldest was just a little one. I noticed how much I loved to capture the details and hence, why I specialize in lifestyle portraiture. I began with film, and in 2008, I jumped over to the DSLR world!

 We live tucked away in a small town, up in north Georgia, where we are currently building our own home (YAY!) Here, I run my photography business, school the kiddos, while I work on the first of my three-part series paranormal romance novels. What can I say? My creativity just drives me. Both insane and into gear. 😉 You only get one life, so may as well live it up to it’s fullest!



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