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365s sound insane if you think about it.

A picture a day for an entire year? Yeah most days we probably pick our cameras, but not all. There are days nothing happens, or we’re sick, or the kids are being jerks, or we’re exhausted, or it rains all day, or….

But a 365 is fun for that reason. If gives you a reason to pick up the camera, to look for that moment worth capturing and a way to look back on the year – from just seeing the daily to,seeing how your work has grown.

I did a 365 for 2015.

I won’t say I captured every day, I didn’t, but I got most of them.




4 5


7 8

9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 actually1918 19 20 21

So, a couple tips.

-> Find inspiration. Whether it’s a 365 group, a page with weekly themes or just a blog with a bunch of contributors you admire – take what you see and learn from it.

-> Hold yourself accountable. Try to pick up the camera. Yesit might not happen every day,but look for those little moments. Personally, I try to “sum up” our day in one image. If I don’t get  it that day? I look for a hint of it in the following day and still count that image towards the day I missed.

-> Bring the camera, everywhere. It’s  much to get the shot if you have the camera on you. 😉 Don’t let the fear of being “that mom/photographer” get in your way. These are your moments.

-> Try new techniques. Freelensing, different processing, working with wider or more closed apertures, focusing on shadows, focusing on light, double exposures. Find techniques that interest you and attempt them.

-> Plan. You probably, generally, know how your week is going to shake out. Look for those events that offer a photo op. Look for interesting light in your surroundings and plan to use it another day.

365s are work, but they’re also for you and only you! If it’s not working or you’re not enjoying it, don’t force yourself. You can always restart. You can always alter it.

But I promise the results are worth it.


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