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I want to start by saying thank you so much for having me this week as a guest judge. I have loved looking at all of your images this week. Still life photography is my escape, my stress reliever and I loved seeing you all give it a shot this week.

My top 5: {in no order!}

521811_10204004578234029_1497646571844193036_n (1)

Lili Yuslianti Nis – I love this shot. I love the warmth, and the simplicity. It just flows for me.


Cindy Cavanagh: Photographer. Storyteller. Artist– what’s not to love about this photo? The pink, the cupcakes, the milk, the coordination  in the image. This picture would look adorable in a bakery somewhere.

12342603_1493059467667454_5439257883683094643_n Sally-Ann Taylor, Photographer– this is STUNNING. I am tempted to buy a beach house just to have an excuse to hang this picture in it. I love the cool colors, the airy feel and that beautiful shade of teal!


Cara Hodge Photography– I’m a sucker for simplicity. This photo is perfect. It’s simple and yet still tells a story. Who was eating breakfast? Are they coming back? Did they know they left some behind? A good photo is pretty, a great photo tells a story and leave you with more questions than answers.


Performer Photography– this shot has me wishing for fall all over again. I love the lighting, the shine on the apples (seriously, did you shine them?!). I am really drawn to all the circles in this image as well.

And last but not least, my top honor goes to Ainsley Raye Photography



This image is perfection. The grouping, the composition, the editing. I could see this shot hanging in my mother’s kitchen. Great shot Ainsley!


Thank you all to everyone who took the time to participate!

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