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The freckled face of English coming at you from behind the lens of Be Freckled Photography.  Yes, English is my real name.  I’m a portrait photographer that focuses primarily on high school seniors, but will sometimes dabble in couples or glamour.  We recently made the move from Germany to Tokyo, Japan, where I am re-establishing my urban style in a great setting.  I’ve been shooting since 2013, and typically have a Nikon d700 + 85mm f/1.8 in my hand, although a recent 135mm f/2 DC purchase may knock the 85 off the camera.  I’m so excited to be this week’s guest judge over on the Dear Photographer Facebook page!



10 Fun Facts about Me
1. I once tried to count all of my freckles by marking them off with permanent marker.  Mom was not happy.
2. I love my dogs so much, I have them tattooed on my forearms.
3.  I often forget how short I am until I see myself in photographs.
4.  I never learned how to multiply numbers.
5.  My business pricing ensures that no 5’s ever come up. I just don’t like that number.
6.  If reading novels at home could be a profession, I’d be a millionaire.
7.  I have an irrational fear of falling off of things.
8.  My husband is much funnier than I, so I steal his jokes.
9.  My dog’s full name is Ninja Pirate Assassin Druglord Don Julio.
10.  My dream is to run a shelter that supports itself as a petting zoo.

Now that you know more about me, how about that weekly theme?!  I contemplated a “midnight” theme in nod to New Year’s this week, but let’s be real; staying up that late is not all that easy sometimes.



Excited to see your image shares!

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