TOP 15 OF 2015 I N S T A G R A M

IG 2015Instagram has been so amazing to us this year. Our account @Dear_Photographer is near to reach 2k already. Our community is growing, and we love to have people host our account and have them share their Daily Inspiration along with sharing their Personal work and stories. We have a special ARTISTS SPOTLIGHT on Monday in which we have a Q&A with someone from the community nominated by the week’s host.  We also share our TOP HONORS every weekend selected from the Daily Inspiration.  

We are so incredibly thankful for those of you that use our hashtag #dearphotographer , Which has over 14k shares right now. We hope that you continue with us on this journey, and that we get to see so many new artist blossom in the next year.

Here are some IG accounts that blew us away this year. In no particular order:







@andresbrookephotography _20151231_121254.JPG






























@twistandshutter IMG_20151231_120030


@mamawithacamera 1915478_924097357625826_6583943290673505971_n



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