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Holy wow.  You all made my job so difficult this week!  All of the images were incredibly stunning and so hard to narrow down to just 5 favorites and a winner.  Thank you all for participating in this After Dark challenge, and congratulations to everyone for being such wonderful photographers!

This sweet and simple image from Ellen Elizabeth Photography is such an ideal representation of after dark moments.  A quiet interruption to hold on to what is most dear.

Peridot Rain Photography by Wendy Ptasinski captured my imagination with this gorgeous image.  I adore how well it embodies the dreamy, wintery season.


Jessica Max shared this amazing photo, which I absolutely love.  The motion and perfect timing to highlight her subject is so impressive!

Beautiful fireworks from the most magical place on Earth.  Love this submission from Photos by Jen McGee!

Karen Osdieck Photography definitely captured the wonder of the holiday season.  I love how enraptured he is by the falling snow!

And finally, my absolute favorite from this week is this beautiful setting submitted by Jessica Wynder Photography! That bokeh, the darling subject, and dreamy edit all scream perfection to me.  I just can’t stop staring at how stunning it is!

Thank you all again for sharing your work with the world, and even if your image isn’t up here doesn’t mean it wasn’t gorgeous.  I had an amazing time being a guest judge for Dear Photographer, and have found tons of beautiful new talent to follow.  I appreciate you making my first guesting so challenging!  Have a wonderful week, and keep on shooting.

-English, Be Freckled Photography