New Year, New Beginnings featuring Always Maltilda Photography


Happy 2016 everyone!!

I had been planning a super awesome holiday post, filled with Christmas and New Year photos.  As I was going through deciding which images to choose, I changed my mind.  It’s hard having a mind that is constantly wandering and imagining and NEVER resting.  (Does anyone else have a hard time sleeping at night because they just can’t turn off their mind?!)  I can’t make decisions and stick with them, there is always something else to consider, another angle, another idea that is also super awesome.   Just days before Christmas I went to visit with an old childhood classmate.  I met his gorgeous future wife and got to take photographs of their brand new baby girl.  My very last session of 2015 may have yielded my very favorite images.  I’m inspired to share a before and after post next month… if I don’t think of something else before then.  😉

So…. in honor of the new year and new beginnings and two of my very favorite photographers’ new babies on the very same day : 1.1.16 (Congratulations to Sarah & Joy)  here is a post of my final session of the year.  Welcome to the world, sweet girl.





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