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Hello world… this is me. Ten points if you know that song! Anyway… hi! My name is Samantha (or just Sam… both work) and I’m the face behind the lens at GypsySoul Photography. My journey into photography started when I was in high school with a film Minolta. Upon entering college, I purchased myself a Nikon D40 and after graduating was gifted a D3000, which is currently in my bag as well as a 50mm f/1.8 and my 15-50mm kit lens. I’m super excited to be this weeks guest judge over on Dear Photographer via Facebook!

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10 Fun Facts about Me
1) I’ve never traveled outside the United States (though that will change soon!).
2) I started out in photography taking pictures of horses and then graduated into live music photography. It’s where my true passion lies.
3) I love a good Renaissance Faire! The New York Renaissance Faire will always have a special place in my heart, but my home faire (the Kentucky Renaissance Faire) will forever be my favorite!
4) I’ve been riding horses for over 15 years and have owned two. My dream is to open a rehabilitation center that treats PTSD victims through equine therapy using rescue horses.
5) I have two pit bulls whom I love and adore. They’re often times the subjects of my photographs. I’ll also rescue pit bulls at the aforementioned rehabilitation center.
6) The name “GypsySoul” came from my love of all things bohemian (from fabrics to styles to colors to philosophies) and the old soul I’ve been told I have.
7) While live music photography is where my heart lies, I also greatly enjoy photographing pets! I’ve been called a dog whisperer on more than one occasion haha.
8) My personal photography business is only part-time, as I work during the week at a local Ford Dealership where I take pictures of their inventory and run their social media platforms. Auto photography was never something I gave much thought to, but it has been a very interesting field in which to venture!
9) I’m in the process of enlisting into the United States Army, which will then take over my weekday job and I’ll continue to do photography part-time, focusing primarily on boudoir. I love making women feel beautiful just the way they are!
10) Pizza is my favorite food. I could eat it every day and not complain once. Seriously.


Onto the theme! This week is a very special week for me, as my one year wedding anniversary is this Wednesday. So in celebration of me reaching one year of wonderful marriage, my theme for the week is “first.”


Ready, set, go!

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