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Aug 10 2013 Caroline

Dear Past Self,

You captured this image in August 2013, with your first prime lens; a $125 nifty fifty. You have learned by now that it is not the equipment that makes a photographer but tools you use to create your vision. When you saw this image on the back of your camera you knew you were on to something. Something had changed. You found an artistic vision that spoke to you in a way no other image had.  At the time, you had no clue what artistic vision or style meant.  When you look at this image and compare to how you photograph now (3 years later) you realize how similar they are. You were on to something. You created an image that made you feel something real, that was telling a story that anyone could read (and not just you as the mother of this child).  This is what you wanted to create.

Your camera went everywhere in those early days (it still does). You shot and uploaded. You shot some more and uploaded some more. If you uploaded an image and didn’t get the result you wanted, you dragged your little subjects out to try it again.  It couldn’t wait until tomorrow, you needed to try it again, right then and there. You asked other photographers about techniques and settings.  You read everything you could about photography.  You immersed yourself into the Facebook world of photography communities and you owe so much to that world.  It was like a U of P, University of Photography. So, there were triumphs and failures on a daily basis. The important thing is you didn’t give up.  You just kept shooting.  Photography must be something you felt in your bones because even the worst attempts at a particular shot didn’t deter you.  I am proud of you. Enjoy the Ride!


Your Present Self.


This is where you are today. I see lots of growth but I also see lots of the same things in these images that I saw as important to photograph early on.  I didn’t realize until writing this post, the importance of looking at past work as a way to move forward in my art. Not much has changed and everything has changed all at the same time.

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About the photographer:

Meagan Dwyer is a photographer, artist and documenter of life. If there is a story to be told, she wants to capture it!  Meagan is based in Westchester County, New York.

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