Seeing Double featuring Momma Got Soul Photography


Being a photographer means getting to really explore my creative side some days. I love just being able to play with my camera, especially these days with digital and the only cost is the click of a button (while this is true in theory, really just the equipment cost alone can be staggering, but who’s counting?) So when I first saw an example of a double exposure, I was blown away. I mean taking two images and merging them together, my mind exploded.

I then started scouring the interwebs for all tutorials on how to make these glorious images and come to find out, there are lots of them out there. So I started with my first project. Some cameras (including mine) allow you to take two exposures (or more) in the camera, but there is also a photoshop technique for combing two images and this is where I started.

MGS_-5092 MGS_-4869

So, I started with these two images. My son and all his screaming glory and a landscape shot I took of the expansive oak trees we have here in Florida. After some Photoshop magic, this is what developed:


To be honest, it is one of my favorite images to date and hangs as a 20×24 print in my home. It also sent me out into the world determined to make more of these awesome images.

IMG_8458-Edit-2MGS-9828 MGS_-6469 MGS-0885

So get your creative juices flowing at go out into the world to create your own art in your own way!


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