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Is this personal work / client work ?

This is personal work, because my little family is my most favorite subject. My favorite thing to put them in is overalls, and for some reason those little hats added to it just scream “Charlie and Jack” (their names) to me.

What about this session was most memorable?

That dog. He (she?) is the sweetest neighborhood dog, but he just showed up out of nowhere. He is so goofy- I swear his head bobbles and flops when he runs, and the boys squealed running after him. At one point he had the two year old on the ground licking him except the two year old thought the dog was attacking him so screaming, and thrashing, and rescuing all occurred from the cross-eyed dog visit. They promptly started squealing and running after him again so they all chased happily every after.

Also, these boys give the sweetest kisses, and when they hugged and kissed each other I had a mommy melt moment.

Were there any hurdles?

Mainly just shooting in the middle of the day with high sun and trying to keep the boys tick free. And corralled. And all eyes safe from the abundance of sticks they found. And keeping my three year old from spitting everywhere trying to blow all the things he thought were dandelions. And I think the two year old ate a dead flower.

 Your best photographer/session advice?

I don’t feel there is anything technical I could add to the great resources of advice that a photographer comes across that is as important as being kind. Kindness – to other photographers, to clients, etc… goes much further past the immediate conversation. I don’t even like using the word client because it feels so impersonal to me. The people I photograph truly become my friends, and I care about them as such. I feel this plays a sort of invisible but powerful role while I’m photographing and editing them. The kindness I was shown when I started my photography journey brought me to where I am now, and I am so very grateful.

Also, I always ask the kids what they want to do for some of the photos. They have great ideas!

 What gear was used to achieve these?

A Nikon D90 and 35mm (no hating on the D90 y’all.)






DSC_0449-6 (2)









About the photographer:

Courtney Day is a lifestyle photographer based in Southern Indiana/Louisville, KY. She also travels to and shoots frequently in East Tennessee. Her other interests include sock skating around her house and teaching her boys the art of crashing Hot Wheels.

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