Dear Photographer featuring Kate Vellacott Photography

early shot for Dear Photographer (1 of 1)
one of my early shots, taken in 2014
Dear Former Self,
This was one of the first experimental photographs you took.  About two years ago.  You had recently finished a course teaching you how to work a camera and you were excited to begin your journey.  You weren’t sure where you were heading but you loved the feel of the camera in your hand and your new-found passion ignited you to take pictures at every opportunity. You felt you had no style.  Yet even now, I can see what you could not, that you were drawn to dark rich images. The clean, crisp ones never came. All you wanted were deeper, more soulful images that made your heart beat that much faster.  They made you so happy inside.
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About the photographer:
My name is Kate and I’ve been taking pictures for about two years now.  I stumbled into it by accident really.  I was an actress for 20 years in London and moved to the country after having two sweet babies.  Photography fills a creative gap in so many ways, whilst documenting my children’s childhood.  I live in the UK with my husband, two kids, Freya and Jack, and cat called Audrey in a house that dates back to 1600.  I’m an old-fashioned kind of girl and love vintage with a passion.

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