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January.  January is supposed to be an ultra inspiring month.  Everyone goes to the gym, eats healthy, swears they will take 366 photos – one a day for the entire year, promises to commit to a project… whatever it is.  Resolutions for days!!!


Truth be told, in January my whole world just kind of shuts down and it really doesn’t go back to normal until sometime around March/April.  I don’t do well with the passage of time, the dark days filled with coldness.  I struggle to make it through the hibernating months.  My inspiration is almost zero… my house does not light my creative fire.  This year, though, I’m pregnant!  I’m not just a little pregnant, either.  The first week of February marks the beginning of my 30th week.  So I’m tired. Uninspired, unmotivated and tired.



This year I am doing my best to get through these months.  I feel like losing the first few months of the year is such a waste!! I don’t want to waste any more time just because the sun isn’t out.  Ya know what?  The sun does come out sometimes, too.  Especially after a giant snow storm.  That’s actually my favorite part about storms.



Here in the Hudson Valley, NY we are also experiencing a crazy mild winter.  It didn’t really get cold until January, and then we had a big storm, and then it was warm again! We actually got to go out into the woods without winter coats.   There’s this awesome little spot in the middle of my favorite local hike where there is a cluster of evergreens, so not only did we get out in the sun, in the woods, we saw green!!!  It brings my soul back to life in the dreary winter.



I also decided that I would commit to a 52 week self portraits of motherhood project that was all my own, albeit inspired by my fellow photographers.  I don’t feel weighted down by themes or requirements or meeting someone else’s expectations of my photography.  It’s strictly for me, for my kids, for our family history.  If I miss a week, no big deal.  I take two the next week.  So, it’s the middle of the first week of February  (35 days into the year).  I should have 5 photos but I only have 3.  I will take two this week and two next week and be all caught up.  That’s my goal anyway.




(what is it about 9 year olds and not wanting to get in the photo??!)

I had mentioned a really great before and after post that I want to write.  I will.  I promise.  I intended to do it this month but my photos are such a mess from the years past that it’s just going to take awhile to get through them all.  I want to find the super terrible ones, let you see where I really came from…. here’s a preview 😉

circa January 2007 : left this one sooc just because it’s SO awesome


circa August 2013


circa July 2015

matilda michele 24 closeup.png

2016 TBD

<3 Katie


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