Dear Photographer featuring Mountain Pearl Photography

This image was taken a month after purchasing my first DSLR, June 2010

Dear former Jen,

As cliche as it sounds, never give up. Just because you make a mistake, it doesn’t mean that you have failed, or that you’ll never be able to accomplish things you have your eye set on. Also, no matter how down you might feel at times, always remember– “this too shall pass.”

You’re going to stumble, you’re going to fall (a lot), but so long as you get back up and keep doing you- you’ll be fine.

You don’t realize this, but your family is going to be the most important thing you’ve ever done in your entire life. They’re going to be what shapes and forms you into the woman you will become. Embrace it. Allow it to define you, but not as a mother or a wife, per say, but as a woman who is surrounded by an amazing amount of beauty every single day. Take this beauty, capture it, and share it with the world- it, and you, will be much better for it.

About the photographer:

I am the wife of a mountain man turned registered nurse, the mama to four beautiful and hilarious children, a birth doula, and a marketing guru residing in gorgeous western Montana. I have a love for delicious food, strong coffee, milk chocolate, an intriguing book and infectious laughter. I am happiest at home with my family, but making photos is a close second.