Dispersing Light featuring Daphne Laput Photography


Have you gotten your hands on a prism yet?
They’re readily available through photography gear sites and Amazon. It’s an easy way to add some fun interest to your photos in-camera.
IMG_9185 IMG_9230
By holding the prism just on the edge of your lens you can move the prism around and turn it to add more components to your image.



It can both reflect and refract light, adding more visual dynamic and sometimes an interesting depth of field. From reflection to rainbows, you can get a wide range “extras” in your image!


While you might not use it constantly, it’s an easy tool to keep in your bag and pull out whenever you feel a photo could use a bit more of a punch. You’re using what’s there, so it can authentically show a scene, just with a twist.  I love using it indoors to add more light to what might otherwise be a bit of a dark scene.

IMG_9309 IMG_9344

So go pick one up! Start experimenting. Inexpensive, fun, and might provide a little more inspiration if you’re experiencing cabin fever as we wait for Spring to roll in.


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