BE INSPIRED Session featuring Janel Peyton Photography

Is this personal work / client work?
Client work.
What about this session was most memorable?
There I was, packing my car for this newborn session.  I was staring at my four rubbermaid containers of blankets, baby girl props, reflectors, bean bags etc and just felt like it wasn’t me anymore.  I didn’t want to bring those things, but usually I would throw them in my car and head off to the shoot and force myself to use them.  But this day, I just felt like it was me trying to be a different photographer.  So I left them at home.  For the first time in five years of photographing newborns, I didn’t know exactly what my plan was, but I knew that wasn’t it anymore and I was going to trust my gut.  Driving up to the client’s home, I felt more comfortable than I ever had at a newborn shoot before.  I felt like me.  I realized that I had been so bogged down by what Pinterest had said I should shoot, that I forgot to shoot what I love, how I love it.  So in I went – with only one white swaddle blanket and my camera bag.  The client provided the beautiful home, gorgeous window light and sweet little bows/diaper cover for their daughter.
Where there any hurdles?
For the first time ever, no.  I felt like no matter what came my way, this shoot would turn out well.  I wanted the shoot to be comfortable, something that really reflected what life was like with a newborn – cuddles, love, beautiful baby skin, newness and freshness and that’s what turned out.
Your best photographer/session advice?
Be yourself.  Just like in life, there will be pressures to be something you just aren’t.  Every photographer is different.  You have a vision.  Your heart is pulling you a certain way to shoot.  Follow it.  Don’t let Pinterest, other photographers, blogs, YouTube, or anything tell you how you should shoot.  You can find your groove and when you do, you’ll feel like you.  
What gear was used to achieve these?
Canon T2i, 50mm 1.4 lens.
JP_GetInspired_8 JP_GetInspired_5 JP_GetInspired_3 JP_GetInspired_2 JP_GetInspired_1 JP_GetInspired7 JP_GetInspired6 JP_GetInspired4 JP_GetInspired_11 JP_GetInspired_9 JP_GetInspired_10
About the photographer:
Janel is a natural light photographer from the St. Louis, Missouri area.  There’s adventure in her soul, God in her heart, three little blonde boys to care for and educate in her home, a hard working and supportive husband by her side and a camera around her neck.  A lover of the perfect quote to match an image, she is driven by getting the feeling and personality in a shot.  It isn’t about the pose, it’s about capturing the true essence of the person, the family, the moment.
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  1. Janel is such a talented young woman! In all her shots, even the quickie taken with her phone, she seems to capture the personality of the individuals in each photo.

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