It’s been a real pleasure to be a guest judge this week for Dear Photographer “Into the Wild”. Thank you very much for having me. There were lots of beautiful pictures shared to the page this week. Here is the Top Honor and some of my other favorites. Congratulations!


I had a Wow! moment when I saw this beautiful picture. I really love everything about it. First off, the composition is lovely, very interesting. I love the fact this little boy is positioned in such a way he looks to be walking right into the frame. Also, the way he’s practically the same size as the distant looming mountain, adds to the sense of both his tininess but also his belonging fully in the landscape. The deep dark colors – the steely greys, blues and greens – really add tremendous amounts to the sensation of wilderness, intrigue, and adventure. Congratulations!

Sally-Ann Taylor, Photographer




Here are a few of my other favorites from the week, in no particular order…

I love how these dogs look raring to go, not one dog but a whole pack! I can feel the excitement here and how its spreading like wildfire, and how knitted they are as a group from their body language. The guy here looks totally in his element as pack-leader. The big open sky suggests freedom and I get the sense they could be setting off on any number of adventures.

Oobaloos Photography



This is just *gasp* a beautiful picture. First of all I love how the forest has been captured so well, that faded subtle green-light between the trees. The little girl looks as though she might be in a school uniform? I’m wondering if this (could be) her walk to school…There is something quite magical, a bit Alice In Wonderland, about this, almost as though she’s just been placed in the forest out of time.

Captured By Carrie Photography & Product Shop



I love the way this has been shot so that the landscape feels so alive here, almost a force to be reckoned with. It’s as if the surroundings are moving rapidly, rushing to meet the little boy who, by contrast, appears stock still. This leaves so much to the imagination and the soft, almost chalky black and white processing adds so much to the dreamy quality of this image.

My Three Sons Images



Another gorgeous picture. I love the depth of field here, with some branches beautifully in focus so I can see clearly the powdered snow on the twigs. The composition is lovely with three-quarters of the frame being taken up by branches. The little boy looks very natural, totally a part of his surroundings. The conversion to black and white really brings out the purity of the scene. A picture-perfect winter’s day.

Jessica Wynder Photography



There is a bit of a haunting quality about this image that I instantly love. The little girl in her perfect white dress, tucked neatly in the left corner of the frame, is at odds with the large expanse of cornfield around her. I love the way that she looks as though she is marching, almost a bit defiant. The counter point of the tree and track to the right really balance the picture well and give a great sense of perspective and distance. It’s also a beautiful conversion into black and white, almost silvery.

Nicole Reynolds Photography



I just love how real and raw this looks. The dark trees in the distance are a little foreboding, a reminder of how harsh the climate is here and how small and possibly vulnerable the people appear in comparison. The cold dark colors definitely add to the harshness of the climate. At the same time, the light is lovely tinging the tops of the trees golden, adding warmth and a sense of beauty.

Joni Burtt Photography



It’s been so cool to be guest judge here. Congratulations everyone and thank you very much Dear Photographer and everyone who submitted this week!

Love Cara x



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