Dear Photographer featuring Red Tree Photography



circa 2013

Dear past me:

Don’t ever put the camera down. Find a great support system and believe in yourself. The watermark isn’t as big of a deal as you thought it was. Simple is always better. Always… There is not a single exception to that rule. STOP BUYING CRAP. It’s ok to love other people’s work, it’s how you’ll grow and find your style. Eventually the time will come when you look at something or someone and instead of seeing it for what is literally in front of you, you’ll see the light, the shadows, the contrast and the grain… you’ll see the significance in documenting it. It’s then you can call yourself a photographer. Go the extra mile for the clients that believed in you from the beginning, because they’ll be your best ally and turn out to be amazing friends. Finally, you’ll notice the images you love most and want to share, are the intimate, personal ones; that’s your niche, run with it.


About the photographer:

Before everything else, I am a mother. I have 4 kids; 2 girls and 2 boys. I believe coffee is one of the main food groups and can’t imagine starting a day without a giant mug. There was one photograph that set me on my path as a photographer. The single black and white image of my grandmother inspired me to create photographs that speak for themselves. My work is usually moody and emotional, just like me. I’m a lover, and a giver, and I feel so deeply. Putting myself out there in the form of photographic imagery isn’t always easy, but I’ve learned to trust myself. If I can look at an image months down the line and still fall so deeply in love with it as I did the first time I saw it, I can keep putting one foot in front of the other… lens in hand.

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