BE INSPIRED Session featuring Meghann Chapman Photography


Is this personal work / client work ?

Personal work – just documenting my 5 children and chickens around our acreage in rural Southwest Virginia.  I thought the ‘Be Inspired’ title would be good for me, personally, to inspire me to get out and photograph things when I really didn’t feel like it (more on that below in the “Hurdles” category.)

What about this session was most memorable?

The mud.  There is so much mud here right now.  And, the winter colors!  I really love winter light!  I know some people lose inspiration during winter because of the dreary, drab-ness of the dead leaves and everything seems to be tonal shades of brown, gray and general ‘blah’ sometimes. However, this can be used to your advantage as it makes brighter-hued clothing/props POP, and helps the focal point of your images stand out more.  Mostly though, making memories with my children, doing something we all love – being outside!

Where there any hurdles?

The mud, it had been raining on top of our melting snow.   And, working the obstacles of trying to photograph 5 children and a flock of chickens together — and it actually seem to have a point (I’m not sure if it does, though, haha).  My 2 boys, who are the youngest out of the 5, preferred to dig in the mud and play with sticks.   Also, when I shot this, my husband and I had only been home from the hospital about a week, after he had 2 major brain surgeries to (hopefully!) cure his Epilepsy.  I’ve been indoors a lot for the past 4 weeks, and it INSPIRED (or .. forced..) me to get outdoors with my children and enjoy ourselves, even if it was something simple like feeding our chickens and playing in the dirt.

Your best photographer/session advice?

There’s something that is called “raw beauty” and a saying that mentions “beauty in simplicity”.  You don’t have to have the best props, location or equipment to beautifully document a story for someone.  Focus on what is simple, what is real, and especially- what you enjoy. Be sure that you take time to document your own life, along with the life of the clients who hire you.  Oh, and PRINT your photos!

What gear was used to achieve these?

Canon 5d Mark iii, Sigma Art 35, Canon 50mm 1.4 (which is on the brink of dying on me, but I love the softness of that lens!)

MeghannChapmanPhotography-1-4 copy

MeghannChapmanPhotography-1-12 copy

MeghannChapmanPhotography-1-22 copy

MeghannChapmanPhotography-1-11 copy

MeghannChapmanPhotography-1-15 copy

MeghannChapmanPhotography-1-7 copy

MeghannChapmanPhotography-1-8 copy

MeghannChapmanPhotography-1-13 copy

MeghannChapmanPhotography-1-14 copy

MeghannChapmanPhotography-1-10 copy

MeghannChapmanPhotography-1-19 copy

MeghannChapmanPhotography-1-9 copy

MeghannChapmanPhotography-1-24 copy

MeghannChapmanPhotography-1-17 copy

MeghannChapmanPhotography-1-27 copy

About the photographer:

I am a mother of 5 wonderful children (ages 2-12) and wife to an amazing guy who works as an Engineer and is battling Epilepsy.   On editing days, you will find me wearing leggings, colorful socks and a hoodie as I am perpetually cold.   Our homestead is in SW Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains, down a narrow & steep dirt road that is often impassable except with a 4WD vehicle.  I like raising chickens, bulletproof coffee, Star Wars, breakfast foods all-day-every-day, british comedy and artisan whiskey. Oh, and photography.  I’m a perfectionist, and often I refrain from posting my every-day, personal work as I feel is isn’t up to par with what I WANT it to be.  I’m also a habitual slacker when it comes to blogging.  This is something I am determined to change in 2016.

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