Dear Photographer featuring Amy Lucinda Photography


An old image from 2013

Dear Future Self,

Thank you for constantly reminding me that the biggest regrets in life will be the things that I didn’t do. Whenever I find myself saying NO to something in my photography journey, your wise voice pops up and tells me to pour a glass of wine, forget the fear and just try it. Together, we have achieved some pretty exciting stuff, and it wouldn’t have happened without you. Your voice inspires me to take self-portraits because I will never again be as youthful as I am today, and my children will never again be as little. I know you can’t divulge all our secrets to current-me, but you keep me on the right track, and what a magical, exciting track it is, leading to all sorts of adventures. The world may never again be as beautiful as it is today, so I will keep taking your advice and capture every wonderful moment I have with my little people on this gorgeous earth.








About the photographer:

Hello, I’m Amy and I live in Melbourne, Australia with my two adventurous little boys and wonderful hubby. I’ve loved capturing moments since I was a little girl, but I wanted to tell stories in a more beautiful way once my children were born. I am inspired by light, emotion and movement. I love anything with character and soul, and that goes for people, places and things, particularly old things!

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