Your Everyday featuring Daphne Laput Photography

Your Everyday featuring Daphne Laput Photography


Life is exhausting. There’s a lot of  us “moms with cameras” out there. Some of us only shoot for ourselves, trying to find inspiration with our own. Some of us shoot for others, worn out after capturing other’s memories.

But do you look at your daily life like you’re looking through a lens? Your every day moments are beautiful.



And taking a moment to pause and capture them can add more impact to them. I’m not going to say our life is extraordinary in the scheme of things. It’s not. But for us? My little family, extended family, friends – this is our entire world.


These moments are mundane, boring and normal but also extraordinary and fleeting.






I’m so pleased to share that I have a workshop, The Modern Snapshot : Focusing on What Matters, debuting March 21 through Beyond The Wanderlust that deals with just this. Taking those daily moments and holding onto them in a way that speaks to you as an artist and help you see new elements of your everyday to inspire your work. I hope you’ll join me!


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