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I can’t really pinpoint where this idea came from. It has been milling around in my head for a long time. The idea of how strong woman are, the pressure they feel to be strong even when they aren’t, the strength they find with in themselves when they need it the most. I started reading articles about what being strong meant and Danielle Campoamor sums it up perfectly in this blog post on HuffPost Women

“-being a strong woman means being unapologetically, fiercely and wholeheartedly you.”

That is it, just be you, whatever you means and by being you, you will find your own strength. So this is me. I am a mom. I am a wife. I am a photographer. I am me.


This is all of me. My stretch marks, the strength of a body after having two children. The years of hard work through college and working two jobs. A high-school sweetheart marriage and divorce, a long term emotionally abusive boyfriend, a marriage to the most perfect man ever that makes me happy every day.

So with these thoughts I opened myself up by posting this image in some private photography groups I am in. The response from other woman was overwhelming in support and made me think about my own friends and family. I then posted this image on my personal facebook page inviting women to join in with me on my Strong Body Project. My hope is capture all woman; young, old, moms, and non moms. I want to showcase their strength as a woman to the world! The response has been overwhelming and I am super excited to start.

So here is the first series of my Strong Body Project. Me. Sure these images are a little soft on focus (selfies with kids in it aren’t so easy), but they highlight my strength, not only as a mom, but as woman. Those moments in labor when I felt like I had nothing left to give but found the strength to push on. The sleep deprived moments when I just wanted that baby to sleep but I had to push on and get things done. The strength to post such an image so my son and daughter will know what a strong woman looks like. The strength my mom gave me to know my own worth and my own mind.






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  1. This is awesome! Kelly is a super talented photographer! She builds up community amongst photographers locally and we are so lucky to have her talent in our area! Great work Kelly! You, my friend, are awesomesauce!

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