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Hey everyone! I’m AnnMarie Denis of One 33 Photography.  I’m a small town, Canadian gal who is proud to be a camera toting mama to 3 rambunctious and beautiful little boys. I’m super passionate about capturing  and presenting the story of our life and I do this with my trusty Canon 6D, the Sigma 35mm, Lightroom and blurb books. I’m so pumped to be here at Dear Photographer!  I can’t wait to see what everyone brings to the table this week!

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10 Fun Facts about Me

  1. My closest friends call me Rie
  2. I’m the youngest of 4
  3. I’m adopted – My parents adopted me when I was 4. My dad is a second cousin on my birth mother’s side.
  4. I often feel like I’m part of the family after all my in home sessions. I love that feeling.
  5. My kids think it’s hilarious to fart on me, and I’m repulsed!
  6. I can’t function in the morning without coffee.
  7. I’m always nervous before a session with a new family. I just want them to love me!
  8. I’m terrible at beach photography although I really really want to be good at it.
  9. I love to bake and eat cinnamon buns!
  10. I am obsessed with our family albums. I pour over them constantly and I smile the whole time. I just love re-living these moments in our lives over and over again.



I want to see your stories! What makes your family tick. Fun things you like to do as a family! Funny quirky things people in your family do. Anything that tells the story of you right now! And because I’m a passionate about printing your memories, I urge you to print those pictures and put them in your albums.

This is the story of two of my guys. One that can’t seem to stay off the table and another that will eat me out of house and home especially when it comes to his beloved Froot Loops!



I hope to see you there!

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