Beauty of Simplicity Theme Top Honors & Features | Chosen by Facebook Guest Judge Alicia Moss Photography


It’s been such an inspiring week as guest judge! I am so honored that you shared all your gorgeous images with me, and was struck by the variety of interpretations of this week’s theme. To me, simplicity means timelessness and understated beauty, and represents the hidden power of subtle imagery.



Joy of Life Photography

With the soft light and pastels, this image is the epitome of understated and sophisticated beauty. It is colorful while still maintaining a quite calmness and subtlety-timeless while still placing us in a particular moment (and season).


Nicole Harnois Photography

The tones and textures in this stunning black and white image, in conjunction with the winding shoreline and far off gaze of the subject, represents how powerful an understated image can be!


Moments by Mancuso

Silhouettes are one of my favorite forms of simple beauty. With the leading lines and beautiful conversation between light and dark, this image is extremely powerful and sweet at the same time.


Brandi Thompson: Photographer

To me, this image represents timelessness and simplicity. The beautiful clean lines of the window pane and the lovely curve of the bottles could have a universal beauty that really resonate with the viewer.


Lauren Webster Photography

Often a simple background with an artistic use of negative space create a stunning, simple image. These elements combined with an adorable subject matter and dramatic lighting make this photo really pop!


Adele Behles Photography

This image is captivating! The elements are simple- a single boat, the sky, the water, and a colorful sunset, but this image stirs a sense of awe in the viewer…and definitely makes us wish we were there!

I was truly humbled by my  experience this week- the talent I saw shared on Dear Photographer’s Facebook page was astounding! I admire the creativity and vision of each and every one of you!


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