BE INSPIRED Session featuring Stephanie Minior Photography


Is this personal work or client work?
This was a “Morning in the Life” client session.

What about this session was most memorable?
Hands down, the kiddos. They were adorable and full of energy. I wanted to bottle it up. Especially since I have two young kids of my own. I could use that mojo!

Were there any hurdles?
The biggest hurdle was not being able to clone myself and follow around everyone at the same time. There were times when I was photographing one member of the family and felt anxious that I was missing something in another part of the home. It was a great reminder to just go with the flow and stay in the moment.

Your best photographer or session advice?
My best advice is to trust your gut. Shoot anything and everything that inspires you, and don’t worry about how silly you may look to others. Also, drink lots of coffee and bring snacks.

What gear was used to achieve these?
Canon 5d Mark III and Sigma 35mm f/1.4


About the photographer:
I am a family documentary photographer who believes that parenting is the hardest gig out there. My idea of an awesome night is binge watching Netflix with grilled chicken pho and Irish whiskey. I would pay someone $1,000,000 if they could get my children, the loves of my life, to eat something other than fruit or sausage.

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