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Oh my gosh you guys! What an incredible week it has been hosting the theme! I have loved seeing all the awesome takes on the {Story of You} theme. For me, capturing our stories, in the moment, is such an important part of being the documentarian of the family. These stories change and adapt and grow and I just want to capture all the little beautiful moments in our lives. To each and every one of you thank you so much for participating this week it was truly a joy and my pleasure hosting here!

So without further ado, here is the winner! I loved this image so much! It told such a compelling story and one that we can all relate to! The dynamic light and the composition of this image really made my eyes scroll through this image and make me really look and take notice. The little girl in the crib made me laugh! I really really loved everything about this image! Way to go Ellen Elizabeth Photography! You rocked this!



Ellen Elizabeth Photography

And here are 5 images in no particular order! All of these really made me stop and look and gasp and laugh! I loved them all so much!


Performer Photography


Jessica Wynder Photography


Hello Olivia Photography


Tracy Botica Photography


Sketchbook Photography

About the photographer:

IMG_1401-EditAnnMarie is a full time momma to three beautiful boys.  A wife to a very supportive and loving husband and the owner of a family lifestyle photography company called One 33 Photography. Her first love is her family but photography doesn’t fall too far behind. She sees herself as a historian or anthropologist of the family, She takes great pride in documenting her family’s daily lives as well as her clients and she tries to never miss a moment. Coffee keeps her sane and a special treat for her is poutine (She is Canadian after all!) She loves all things lemon and is a chaser of light! If it’s golden hour and she is not making dinner with 3 kiddos at her feet then she somewhere outside chasing her loves into that dreamy light with her camera in her hands.

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