Dear Photographer featuring Chelsea Cronkrite, Photographer

combo2.jpg[CIRCA 2014]

Chelsea –

there you are, laid out in front out the World – standing so proud and feeling lucky from where you’ve come just exactly almost 2 years later.

you scrapped these images, remember.. not knowing why you took them, why you wanted to keep them or why you underexposed all of your images so dang much.. well – now you know.. at least the current you knows why you kept them for so long, untouched and raw and underexposed as they were, left to just sit there in a rogue file. it’s because you saw something.. before professionalism and people and money, you saw it.

these images [ pictured above ] were waiting in a file deep in your external hard drive.. never to be found again…wrong – they were waiting to be recognized.. yearning to be touched and waiting patiently all in the same file. just like you, waiting to be noticed and hoping someone will.

don’t worry. don’t stress. just enjoy this. learn to embrace your way of seeing this all and what you want to do, even if it doesn’t seem to fit just yet – don’t stress, it will. learn to feel again, because your work isn’t just work, it’s art and you can and are allowed to feel that. learn to accept – accept that you are different. accept your numbers, sometimes they matter but in most cases they don’t.. and when they do matter, be proud of your numbers whether it’s 1 person or 500.. you’ve made your mark. your efforts have stood out that in itself is enough.

from the current me, to the old me – you are it.. you ARE a photographer and you ARE an artist.. just remember that.


About the photographer:

My name is Chelsea Cronkrite.

I am originally from Daytona Beach, Florida but am now living in the Western North Carolina area with my 2 girls, amazing husband, and 12 animals ranging from pitbulls and dwarf rabbits to chickens and ducklings. We have officially started our very own little farm to match our little family. It’s perfect.

Currently, I am working as a photojournalist for our local paper as their sports and special events photographer – which I love, as well as being a full-time mom to my almost 4 year old daughter before she heads off to Kindergarten in just a short year. SCARY but always exciting and reassuring all in the same, as things will always grow and change and that’s a good thing to recognize in my book.

The photography and work that I choose to surround myself with on my free time is mostly documentary work. I typically stick towards my style of way too many images to describe a topic. One day I hope to balance that all but for now, this is me.


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