Dear Photographer featuring Privizzini’s Passion Photography


004_2 April 2011

There are so many things wrong with this image but you kept going strong and didn’t give up. We all start somewhere and you got yourself out there and shot everyday and did what it took to teach yourself to be the artist you wanted to be. And your work has come so far because of it. And if you keep on this path you will get better and better. You have been strong through your whole journey, haven’t given up and have done almost everything you have put your mind to. There’s been many ups and downs, struggles, hard times but you held your head high through them all and didn’t look back. As much as you like to beat yourself up over things you keep going and are always determined to make your goals and dreams come true. You have failed at a couple projects you have tried but that just opened many doors to other things you have completed or are still working hard at. You wanted to build a forum and creative pro program so bad and you are doing it. As hard as it is you are  not giving up and you can’t. You need to chase those dreams and make them all come true. So don’t ever stop believing in yourself and keep moving forward. And no matter what, when things get tough, stay positive and you will get through it. You always do.









About the photographer:

I am a happily married mama of 4 beautiful kiddos. We are trying for our 5th. I am a go-getter, dream chaser, passionate mama with my camera always in hand. I love photography like no other and have a passion for it that I never knew existed. We live in Connecticut and are an outdoorsy, adventurous family that loves to explore, get dirty, ride go-carts, dirt bikes, quads and be together as a family. Sit out by the camp fire and soak it all in. My style is moody, emotive, and story telling. Capturing our perfectly imperfect life one capture at a time.

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