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Sometimes our lives can feel a little chaotic, so taking the time to contemplate something { peaceful } can be just the thing to refresh our perspective!  I was so impressed with everyone’s interpretation of this week’s theme, thank you ALL for sharing!  It’s been very difficult to narrow them down, but I am so pleased to share my top choices with you now (in no particular order)…

~ Sally-Ann

Behind the Stones Photography:Sarah 'Payne' Lewis

Behind the Stones Photography

This was the first image that I posted for our theme { peaceful }, and I just kept coming back to it… the sunlight falling softly into the room and the warm tones create such a sense of relaxation.  A lovely capture from real life!!

Lauren Webster Photography:Lauren Webster

Lauren Webster Photography

I love the simplicity of this image!  The soft, feathery seed reaching up to touch the light, along with the contrast of black & white creates that { peaceful } feeling…

Roots and Twigs Photography:Tori Aspen

Roots and Twigs Photography

The composition of this image is so great, I love how the photographer came down to her level and captured the straight on view!  The flowers add such a whimsical aspect to contrast the clean lines of the table & chairs and the B&W edit is perfectly done!  Amazing lifestyle shot!

Seasalt Photography:Monique Itter

Seasalt Photography

This portrait captures the classic, timeless beauty of youth.  The turn of her shoulder and the way the light settles into the contours of her face, her hand resting gently near her heart… it seems to be such a genuine moment captured.

TOP honours possibility:Performer Photography:Dana Macleod

Performer Photography

Crisp, clean lines and a beautiful B&W edit create a sense of calm, while this { peaceful } little girl sits so sweetly… did she let her bird escape?  A great story telling image…


Salty Air Creations

The stuff that dreams are made of… that warmth of light, highlighting the outlines of these lovely horses and drawing the viewer into the calm & { peaceful } forest with them <3.  This shot captured my heart and that’s why I had to give it Top Honors this week!  

Thank you all very much for contributing to this week’s { peaceful } theme, It was wonderful to spend time with you!

 ~ Sally-Ann Taylor, Photographer

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