BE INSPIRED Session featuring Andrea Lowry Photography


Is this personal work or client work ?
This particular session was a client session but since it was my second time shooting this family, they feel more like friends now.

What about this session was most memorable?
I really can’t get enough of this family. Their energy and light is so easy to photograph. I would say, every single minute was memorable. Landon (son) and his daddy were so sweet with each other, you could feel their bond immediately. Harper (daughter) and her mommy are inseparable at the moment. This session was focused on her 1st birthday but I ended up shooting mostly them for a mommy and me. She will look back at the photos and remember this stage of their life.
Where there any hurdles?
I wouldn’t necessary call them hurdles. But, towards the end of the session (my favorite golden hour) Harper was getting cold and it was getting windy. So we wrapped a blanket over the two of them, easy fix! Actually, the blanket photos are some of my favorite.

Your best photographer/session advice?
My best advice is to not enter a session with high expectations. I really go with the flow during sessions, if a kid gets fussy, we move on, change scenery, or throw the kid in the air. I love to show the raw emotion, lets face it, we all don’t pose and smile at the camera naturally. I capture the moments families have together whether it is playing, laughing or crying.

What gear was used to achieve these?
I use my Canon Mark 5d iii camera. As well as my two favorite lens, 35mm and 70-200mm.


About the photographer:
Hi, I’m Andrea! I was born and raised here in beautiful Sonoma County, and I am fortunate to live here now with my husband and two little girls. My interest for photography began when I was a teenager. Somewhere along the way, that interest became a hobby, that hobby became a passion, and I feel incredibly lucky to say that my passion is now my career. Although photography is my business, it never feels like work to me. It is my sanity in my life raising kids!

What I love most is to photograph moments and emotion. Let’s be honest – we don’t all naturally stare at the camera! When I capture those real moments, it feels like I’m freezing a beautiful fragment of time, and that is what brings me the greatest joy. When I am your photographer, it is about YOU, not me. It is about getting to know you so that I can give you an experience and images that you and your loved ones will treasure for many lifetimes. I am so grateful to be able to follow my dreams and along the way meet amazing clients, who I ultimately consider friends.

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