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January of 2012

Dear (current) Rebecca,

I’m deciding to write this to you as you are right now, because the past is the past and the future is unknown.  You have come a long way in your photography journey since you first picked up your camera, the outburst of laughter that came out of your mouth when you found an old photo proves this.  Do you remember when you first started on this journey?  How you would look at other artist’s pages and be so envious of the beauty they where able to capture?   I think the best you think you ever did, was disconnect during your early years of photography and really focus on your passions and interests.   Now, you’ve gained such a concept of who you are as an artist, and try your best to not be persuaded, but inspired by others around you.  I love that you are able to discover new work and have such an appreciation for all types of art, and I love that you live by the quote, “I’m not a photographer, I’m an artist.”

But, Rebecca, I do know that you still get down, overwhelmed, frustrated, and at a stand still. My bit of advice is just relax, all artists experience this, it is the passion and love for photography that will get you feeling this way, but the feeling you have when you come out of the fog… that feeling is everything, like a breath of fresh air.  Keep on trekking through it, Rebecca, and remember even those meh photos, the ones you are kind of over, those are still memories, your memories, and that’s what really matters.


About the photographer:

I’m a documentary and lifestyle photographer that lives on the beautiful central coast of California. I have 2 boys, ages 3 and 7, and an amazing supportive husband whom supports most of my crazy ideas. I’m a military spouse, so traveling and change is very common for our family and I wouldn’t have it any other way, except when we leave California (haha) I’m inspired by my daily life and the adventures and traveling our family does. I have a mad crazy obsession with chocolate and Grey’s Anatomy.

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One thought on “Dear Photographer featuring Rebecca Wang Photography

  1. Thank you, I needed to hear this! Your work is amazingly raw and beautiful! My son had the recycling truck and it’s still one of my favorites😊

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