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I had such a great time guest judging for this week’s theme and seeing all of the beautiful images you all shared!  I had a VERY hard time picking which ones I wanted to share (my husband could attest to this) because everyone hit the nail on the head with this theme and they were all so wonderful.  You are all so talented and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for having me here this week and sharing your work with me.  What a week full of sweetness!

Thank you all for such a great week! <3

Peace + Love,




Ashley Shope Photography

This dramatic B&W photo embodies the theme so wonderfully because only little kids can get away with playing outside in just their diaper or underwear.  They are so free of rules and how they should be dressed; something us adults could never get away with!


Cara Hodge Photography

This sweet capture of this little guy is so comforting and darling.  Children always look so peaceful and innocent when they are fast asleep!  I love the more muted colors of this image, which give it a very serene feel.  The pink in his cheeks and lips really drew my eyes in.


lisa kathan photography

Of course, newborns are some of the most innocent individuals there are but there is a special innocence that new moms embody.  The story behind this image really held a special place in my heart and there is something extra special about a newborn after heartache.  The happiness really shows in mom’s expression!


Billie Mae Photography

When you’re a kid and you’re having so much fun playing outside, it’s easy to forget that mom or dad didn’t want you getting muddy.  I love the shadows of this image and the red towel in the shot adds such a perfect touch of color!


Performer Photography

Though we, as adults, think that hiding behind a curtain is not the best spot to hide, to children it is the BEST spot.  I love the pale greens in this photo and the sweet little feet peaking out from under the bottom of the shower curtain.


Crystal Freemon Photography

I love the excitement that this girl is showing, to be barefoot in the rain.  It brings me back to my childhood memories of living in a New Jersey shore town and dancing shoeless, in the rain, out in the street.  I can just feel her happiness through this image!

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