BE INSPIRED Session featuring Bliss and Beyond Photography

Is this personal work / client work ?
This is personal work. These trees are in front of my dad’s house and I tried to manage a shoot for the last 3 years, but every time we were to late and the blossom was already gone. The girl in the photos is my daughter and we love taking pictures. Every once in a while we are going on an “adventure” together.
What about this session was most memorable?
No doubt –  the girl in the photos, my daughter. The day of the session was the first day we really felt spring was here. We played outside all day and when the sun was getting low, we went to this beautiful place to take some pretty pictures and make some beautiful memories together. It was magical. I hope my daughter will look back to these sessions with the same joy as I do!
Where there any hurdles?
When we started shooting there was the most beautiful sun, but after a while the clouds came. But luckily the light was still pretty and the temperature was still comfortable.
Your best photographer/session advice?
Shoot what you love! Don’t to compare yourself with other photographers and dare to follow your own path. Try to find your inner voice and bring it to the front. What is the reason you want to photograph? What is the story you want to tell? Turn on your creative heart and shoot with passion.
What gear was used to achieve these?
I used my Canon 6D and my Sigma 35mm Art (my main go to lens).
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About the photographer:
My name is Kim Korsten, I’m a 30 year old mother of two children and expecting our third at the end of May 2016.
I began my photography journey as a hobby about almost 6 years ago, when my oldest daughter was born. I wanted to document our lives.
Now photography has become much more than a hobby, it is my passion, my outlet and I couldnt live without it anymore.
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