Dear Photographer featuring Elizabeth Roy




Dear former self,

I was looking through our older photos recently and I’m so excited to tell you—we do get better!   We decided to pick up photography right before our fifth daughter was born (we must have been CRAZY!) When we first bought our DSLR we had big plans to become a family and craft blogger-well, then we became side tracked with this little photography hobby!  We have spent so much time learning this craft in the last four years and I’m happy to say that some of our goals have been met.  All of the hard work and dedication has definitely served us well.  When I look back, I love how you didn’t worry about rules or any of the things I worry about now! You were interested in capturing the moment as it was-I love that! I would like to go back to my 2012 enthusiasm with my 2016 knowledge and experience!  This hobby of ours is ever evolving and we always find new things to learn and new goals to achieve. I’m so excited to see how we evolve in these coming years!

Some of the important things I’ve learned over the years:

  • No one starts out amazing. It takes time and practice to learn this craft. You have to be willing to take the bad shots in order to learn to make the good shots!
  • Watch the light!! Good light makes an ordinary image-extraordinary!
  • Be open and ask for help.  I feel like besides the beautiful photographs we have made of the family, we have developed some really close friendships through this photography hobby and having these friends to share the ups and downs with is so rewarding!
  • Continue to have fun! This is our creative outlet and is supposed to feed our artistic soul! Remember to take a breath and let that fill you up and not let those other feelings stop you from getting where you want to be!
  • Continue to set big goals for yourself.  Don’t ever stop growing and wanting to be better!
  • Keep your enthusiasm!

We have come a long way since we first picked up our camera! It will be so exciting to see where we go from here!

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About the photographer:

Elizabeth is a family and lifestyle photographer serving Central and South Jersey specializing in families, maternity and newborns. She is a natural light photographer who is also a wife and the mother of six pretty great kids! She strives the capture honest laughter and authentic connection between family members. She is drawn to clean, organic moments that will be treasured for a lifetime.

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